2017 Strategic Advisory Board

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June 23, 2017
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2017 Strategic Advisory Board

Announcing the 2017 Strategic Advisory Board. Formed to help guide the conference and expo and to make the Grow Up Conference and Expo as meaningful and relevant as possible for delegates, exhibitors and attendees.

The advisory board has valuable industry expertise in different sectors of the cannabis growing industries.

Huge thanks to our Strategic Advisory Board Members:

Michael has had a successful career in security systems design and consulting in the MMPR/ACMPR market. He is now acting vice president of one of Canada’s most reputable consulting firms Cannabis Compliance Inc. He oversees the security aspects of all CCI cannabis projects. Since the cannabis regulations were published in 2013, he has worked with over 50 applicant producers and licensed producers, providing full security designs and technical proposals. He has designed massive systems such as Tweed,7 Acres and Delshen Therapeutics to name a few. As well as providing security designs for dispensaries across North America. Prior to joining CCI full time, Michael ran the medical marijuana divisions for two of the largest security firms in Canada. Michael is based out of Montreal, Quebec and is bilingual in French and English.
David Hyde, M.Sc. CPC is Canada’s top independent security consultant. Over a 32-year career, David has advised major governments and corporations, secured some of Canada's most iconic landmarks and built the security program for a $19 billion global corporation with 60 million sq ft of facility assets. David’s security advisory firm, David Hyde & Associates, has extensive experience in security consultation within the growing regulated cannabis sector across Canada and internationally.

Over the past 4.5 years in the Canadian context, David Hyde & Associates has: (1) provided security consulting services to 165+ MMPR/ACMPR license applicants; (2) attended 22 Pre-license Inspections with Health Canada and; (3) worked with 24 Licensed Producer sites. David recently became the first Associate Member of the Cannabis Canada Association and sits as the only Canadian member on the Security Committee for the Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (FOCUS).

David holds a M.Sc. (w/Distinction) in Security & Risk Management from the Univ. of Leicester & Certificate in Security Management from the Univ. of Calgary. He completed The Wharton School Development Program for Security Executives and is a Certified Advanced Level C.P.T.E.D. Practitioner. He is certified to perform Threat Risk Assessments and is regularly called upon by legal counsel for expert testimony on the adequacy of facility security programs.

For the past 12 years, David has taught crime prevention and security at the University of Calgary. He is one of only 4 Canadians to have been accepted as a member of the world-renowned International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC).
Terry began his career in the cannabis industry over three years ago while helping put together the funding to make The Green Organic Dutchman the licensed production facility that it is today. Terry is Partner at Terian Inc where he invented an innovative flashlight that grossed over 4.5M units in sales. Terry was a former operator of a large Canadian Tire Store with over 67K skus, 300 employees and 40M in annual revenue. Terry often traveled globally to source parts and products for Canadian Tire, and other large global retailers.

Terry has traveled extensively to various cannabis-friendly and legal markets to learn what is working and what isn’t and to meet with the industry’s best and brightest. Terry is an investor in Perfect Plants; genetic plant cloning, an advocate of organic growing, and a sailing enthusiast.
Bill started working in the Greenhouse industry at 15 and has never looked back. Now, with over 4 decades of growing experience, he is turning this hard earned knowledge into the training of qualified Cannabis growers.

After completing his BSc (Agr) in Soil Science at the University of Guelph, Bill co-managed a Cut Flower/Garden Centre Greenhouse in London ON. After seven years of growing, he returned to the University of Guelph to complete an MSc in Plant Nutrition/Physiology.

Upon completion of his MSc, he was hired to turn around a struggling 450,000 square foot Greenhouse in Nova Scotia. As Production Manager, Bill transformed the operation from top to bottom by training growers, writing production plans and building a team atmosphere over a five-year period. Subsequently, he purchased Anmar Greenhouses in Fenwick, ON with his wife Linda. There, Bill developed protocols to be compliant with the CFIA’s Greenhouse Certification Program, introduced IPM, installed irrigation methods to be environmentally compliant and expanded the operation.

After 11 years of successful operation at Anmar Greenhouses, Bill decided to enter the education field in order to train the next generation of growers. In 2007, he started teaching in the Greenhouse Technician Program at Niagara College Canada (NC), of which he is now professor and coordinator.

Four years ago, Bill started providing advice to groups considering entering the Cannabis industry and he has continued to be highly involved. Working with a phenomenal team at Niagara College, and valuable input from LPs, Bill was instrumental in the development of the Commercial Cannabis Production program at NC, which will commence in September 2018.

Bill has recently launched Achene Consulting, which provides expert growing advice to the Cannabis industry. He is also Special Graduate Faculty in the Plant Agriculture department at the University of Guelph.
Alison McMahon is the CEO of Cannabis At Work, a workplace expert, educator and entrepreneur. After 10 years of providing HR solutions to customers across Canada, she founded Cannabis at Work in 2015. Cannabis at Work is the leading source in Canada for cannabis jobs, recruitment services, and workplace impairment training. Alison holds a Bachelors degree in Human Resources & Labour Relations and she is a Certified Professional in Human Resources (CPHR).
Dr. Michele Ross is Founder and CEO of the Denver-based 501c3 nonprofit IMPACT Network. As a neuroscientist, she was frustrated by the lack of education on the endocannabinoid system both doctors and scientists received, despite medical cannabis being used by millions of patients nationwide. In 2013, she founded the “Endocannabinoid Deficiency Foundation,” now known as IMPACT Network, with the mission to make medical cannabis treatment a first-line therapy for patients by educating patients, healthcare professionals and policy makers and driving clinical cannabis research.

Dr. Ross is both a cannabinoid medicine researcher and a cannabis patient. After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and neuropathy, cannabis was the only thing that reduced her symptoms and allowed her to return to work. After hearing thousands of extraordinary patient stories just like hers, Dr. Ross was compelled to ensure cannabis becomes part of the American healthcare system.

Dr. Ross has leveraged her 15 minutes of fame as the first female scientist on reality television, starring on the hit CBS show Big Brother 11, to be the scientist-next door your grandma can ask about marijuana. She is also author of two books, “Train Your Brain to Get Thin” and “Vitamin Weed.” Dr. Ross holds a Doctorate in Neuroscience from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and has researched addiction, mental health, and psychopharmacology for over 10 years.

Today, IMPACT Network is a leading medical cannabis research, education, and advocacy organization with global reach to the worldwide medical cannabis community of patients, healthcare professionals, and clinical partners.
Alex joined MedReleaf in 2014 which was the beginning of his career in the medical cannabis industry. Alex was present at the outset of the Canadian Medical Cannabis Industry Association (CMCIA) and during his subsequent tenure he served as committee chair and held the position of interim Executive Director.

He has spoken to thousands of patients with various conditions and ailments such as PTSD and chronic pain. Alex has worked with Veterans Affairs Canada on the coverage of cannabis and vaporizers and is a proponent of methods of ingestion other then smoking. He left MedReleaf at start of 2017 and has since focused on cannabis education, as well as taking his experience and expertise around the world to help accelerate emerging cannabis markets.
Mr. Smith has 20 years of horticultural experience, 13 years owning/operating businesses, and 2 years of international business experience in Kyrgyzstan Central Asia. Working in the specialty cut flower market and running indoor gardens early in his career helped him understand complex growing systems and production protocols while developing his master gardening skills. Some of his accomplishments include assisting in the identification of the Hemp Russet Mite within the Colorado Medical Cannabis market and working with SKUNK magazine to enlighten and educate the industry. Additional articles in SKUNK magazine highlighted his use of True Living Organics (TLO) cultivation methodology in a regulated, commercial market. Designed and built over a 1 million sqft of grow space to date while building out another 250,000 sqft currently

Prior to establishing American Cannabis Company Inc., Mr. Smith designed and built out a 5,000 square foot grow space in Fort Collins, CO for The Happy Camper Organics. Also, Mr. Smith designed and built out a 7,500 square foot grow space in Denver, CO for The Village Green Society Dispensary in Boulder, CO; a vertically integrated licensed facility. For each of these projects, Mr. Smith worked with a mechanical engineer to size the HVAC load and dehumidification.

Mr. Smith’s career path has positioned him to play an integral role in helping both individual companies to succeed as well as aiding the emerging cannabis industry to prosper as a whole.
Jordan is the Director of Communications and Media for Canopy Growth Corporation, the world's largest cannabis production business. With the company since 2014, Jordan has played an integral role in the rapid expansion and global reach the company has established.