Photos by Session

Friday October 6th, 2017

Investing in Cannabis: Investor’s Breakfast $45

Welcoming Address

The Future of Cultivation Facilities & Scaling a Grow

Burning Concerns: The Debates Continue

Biological Warfare: Harnessing Nature to Control Powdery Mildew and Other Fungal Diseases

Post-Harvest Strategies & Techniques

Good is NOT a Number: Optimizing Extraction Through At-Line Process Analytics

Deals, Mergers and Acquisitions for Cannabis Businesses

Jobs & Justice: How To Grow Businesses and Communities Through Legalization Reparations

Energy Management for Indoor Cultivation…Lessons Learned from the Experts!

Raising The Bar

GROUND UP: How Top Cannabis Cultivators Operate

Starting a Commercial Cannabis Grow Operation: Costs & Considerations

How Genetics Determine Your Bottom Line

How Genetics Determine Your Bottom Line

Aurora Cannabis

Protecting Your Intellectual Property During the Cannabis Boom

The Chosen Ones: How to Create a Winning License Application

Cultivation with an Organic Twist

Closing Keynote with Charlotte’s Web: Medicinal Cannabis, History, Challenges and Advancements

Saturday October 7th, 2017

Women Leaders in Cannabis Breakfast presented by Up Cannabis

Resource Efficiency & The Future of Cannabis Cultivation

(PART I) The Legalized Dream vs. Reality-Check Panel

Celebrity Interview with Riley Cote

(PART II) Securing the Industry as it Grows Up

(PART II) Securing the Industry as it Grows Up

When National Branding Hits the Biz

How to Create the Best Craft Cannabis

The Intricacies of Cannabis Policy Development

Grow Your Own

In this “hands-on” workshop you will learn techniques for successful propagation of clones, including the opportunity to propagate plants using tissue culture.

Propagation: From Traditional to Tissue Culture

Bridging the Gaps Between Cannabis, Science & Medicine

Technology and Innovation in the Cannabis Space

All Over The Map: Making Sense Of Global Marijuana Laws

Office Spaced: What Employers Need To Know

Closing Keynote with Mandy McKnight