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6 Reasons it’s Time to Add a Tabletop Trimmer to Your Home Grow

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Does the sound of scissors make your hands, neck, and lower back ache? Ever thought of growing less so you wouldn’t have to trim as much?


If you’re like most home growers, trimming isn’t your favorite part of the cultivation process.

Hand trimming is without question the most monotonous part of growing your own. And if you choose to expedite the process by bringing in outside labor, you’ll end up spending money on wages or giving away a significant part of your crop.


Fortunately, tabletop trimming technology has come a long way in recent years. Companies like GreenBroz are taking the technology they perfected for commercial craft cannabis trimmers and shrinking them into smaller, more affordable packages that make sense for home growers like you.

So why trust your next harvest to a tabletop trimmer?


Quick, which one of the buds on the right was trimmed by a bud-trimming machine? If you answered both, then congratulations, you’re correct. Both buds were trimmed using the M Lite T from GreenBroz.


Tabletop technology has come a long way over the years. With the right tabletop trimmer, your harvest can look indistinguishable from hand-trimmed flower. That means intact trichomes and natural curves on all your buds.

Choosing a trimmer with a top-loading barrel design gives you even more control over your finished product since you’ll be able to monitor your batches and remove your buds at any point in the process.



Let’s imagine that you give each bud you trim by hand a score from one to ten. Ten being the absolute best trim quality and one being the worst. Do you think your score will vary from the first bud you trim to the last one you throw in the jar, or do you think things like fatigue will play a factor in trim quality?

A good tabletop trimming machine is designed to give you repeatable great results. So your last bud will have the same bag appeal as the first bud you trim.


Tabletop trimmers reduce the risk of repetitive motion injury and eliminate the chance you’ll nick your finger on scissor blades.
Plus, the speed at which a good tabletop can process your flower makes it less likely that your crop will end up with any contamination issues.

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What is your time worth?

Sure, you could spend hours hand trimming your crop but is that the best use of your time? Do you really want to sacrifice multiple evenings or weekends trimming when you could knock out your harvest in a day?

An average hand trimmer can process one to three pounds of dried cannabis in a day. A good tabletop can get through more than five pounds an hour. Think about what you’d be able to do with all that extra time every take-down season.

Break Dependency on Outside Labor

Many home growers, at one point or another, have thought about offloading trimming duties to outside labor. But, of course, if you go this route, you risk more people knowing about your grow. More people with knowledge of your cultivation can be especially problematic if you are in a place still struggling with prohibition.

Even the most popular tabletop cannabis trimmer doesn’t have any friends. Your trimmer won’t talk about your grow at the hydro store or anywhere else, and even though it lives with you, it doesn’t know your address.

If you value your privacy, then tabletop is the way to go.

Bonus: Make Friends

Do you have friends that grow? Are you always getting asked to come help trim?

A tabletop trimmer can easily be transported to your buddy’s place to help them with their trimming. Nothing says good neighbor like lending a hand with post-harvest processing.

You could even consider splitting the cost of a tabletop cannabis trimmer with a friend or two.

Before you take down this year, consider picking up a tabletop trimmer for your grow. The GreenBroz M Lite is stacked with features like proprietary trichome-safe blades, all surgical stainless steel parts, and variable speed control so you can dial in your preferred trim level.

GreenBroz, Inc. provides industry-leading automated harvesting systems to the commercial cannabis industry. Committed to high-caliber engineering, reliability, exceptional quality, and customer service, GreenBroz is dedicated to helping companies thrive. To learn more about the M Lite and other GreenBroz trimmers, visit or contact [email protected].


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This post is presented by our media partner Maximum Yield

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