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A dozen weed trucks towed out of Times Square after company accumulates $500K in parking tickets

Jun 17, 2022 | Media Partners, The GrowthOp

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“Grey zone” sellers are filling demand as New York works to implement its regulatory framework for licenses and dispensaries

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The New York-based cannabis company, which was reportedly selling pre-rolls, edibles and other cannabis products out of a dozen trucks around Times Square, was pushed out of the area after accumulating more than $500,000 in parking tickets, reports New York Daily News.

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Member’s of the Sheriff’s Department towed away the trucks earlier this week. Despite the fact they were selling cannabis, the removal was prompted by the outstanding tickets.

“It is important for the City of New York not to accept the status quo in terms of disorder in our streets and these trucks, collecting parking tickets, adds to that disorder,” Tom Harris, the president of the Times Square Alliance, told New York Daily News. 

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Weed World owner Bilal Muhammad told the New York Post that some of the trucks were selling cannabis products and others were used for promotional purposes. He added that the parking tickets were caused by four employees that have since been fired and the company is working to reach a settlement with the city.

“The city ended up making this move before we ended up getting it sorted out,” he said.

Though cannabis is now decriminalized in New York, the regulatory framework for dispensaries and licenses is still in the works.

Earlier this year, Chris Alexander, executive director of New York’s Office of Cannabis Management (OCM), told The New York Times that he expects that somewhere between 100 and 200 of the state’s first cannabis licences will go to individuals with past cannabis convictions or those who have family members with past convictions.

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In the interim, “grey zone” sellers are filling the demand.

In February, the (OCM) sent cease and desist letters to more than two dozen businesses suspected of “gifting” and illegally selling cannabis.

Customers purchase items such as stickers or club memberships and then receive cannabis products in return.

“We want to make sure these operators fully understand the law and the consequences they face and now that these letters have been sent, we fully expect them to cease and desist their activities — if they don’t, we will take action,” Alexander said at the time.

Currently, no adult-use licences have been issued in the state, and the only way to obtain tested cannabis products is through the state’s medical program.

According to the News, legislation is already in the works to preclude any “grey zone” sellers from getting licenses.

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