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Anarcho-Tyranny For The U.S.A.

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It’s coming sometime and maybe.

A man wakes up in San Francisco, has breakfast, showers, and gets ready for work. As he opens his front door he discovers a fresh deuce on the stoop of his seven-million-dollar row home. In a previous time, he would have noticed it earlier in the morning when he went to fetch the San Francisco Chronicle and The New York Times or Wall Street Journal newspapers.

Today he stumbles past the yellow greasy and red foul-smelling excrement (a sign of poor diet or intestinal bleeding) on his way to see if his Range Rover is still where he left it the previous night. He notices the depositor of the morning gift two stoops down curled up in an unwashed mess, his pants around his ankles and his buttcheeks smeared with evidence of his offering. Completely out in heroin dreamland, the perp’s right hand limply grasps a clear and orange syringe with black etched lettering along the side that reads: Courtesy of the law-abiding tax-paying citizens of San Francisco.

Last year this man paid $59,000 to the state of California for the privilege of this morning’s experience, and another $122,000 to the federal government which is in the process of funding thousands more armed IRS enforcers to make sure this man or any other working citizen doesn’t get any funny ideas about keeping one dollar more than they’re allowed from the fruits of their own labor, by a government that offers them nothing in return and openly detests them.

When this man arrives at his Range Rover Evoque which he upgraded to heavily tinted windows thinking it would deter thieves, yet does the exact opposite, he finds the passenger front window broken again. It’s the third time in as many weeks. As he approaches the windshield he notices an envelope beneath the windshield wipers. This man, on this morning, has been cited for parking slightly in a hydrant zone. His tires and front bumper were just across the line of legal allowance, so he must pay the city $350 for his urban infraction. A penny less or refusal to pay will eventually result in a bench warrant for his arrest.

This man will again soon vote for the people responsible for this soft anarcho-tyranny that blesses his days and exploits his labor earnings while refusing to provide a modicum of protection of property or liberty. This man like millions of others in failing Democrat-controlled urban hellscapes is not a fast learner.


The term gets little attention or press because it originates from conservative academic social science while exposing the destructive policies of liberal politicians with whom the media work directly in tandem to shield from any criticism.

Don’t look to Wikipravda, formerly known as Wikipedia for information on Anarcho-Tyranny, or anything important on politics, culture, or society for that matter. On Wikipravda, Samuel Francis who coined the term is smeared as a White Supremacist by the usual hive mind dopes at oligarch-funded institutions like the Southern Poverty Law Center and other front groups for establishment propagandists.

There are various definitions of Anarcho-Tyranny floating around, but most involve the absence of basic protections assumed under state authority on the backs of tax-paying citizens, who are instead made targets of persecution by the state.

Lew Rockwell concisely described the hard version of Anarcho-Tyranny in a piece about lawlessness in Iraq twenty years ago, “It is a situation in which government does everything but what it is supposed to do, namely protect life and property.”

In the past decade, it has become more ambiguous upon expansion in the west as a deliberate subversion of basic institutions like local and national judicial systems are corrupted and no longer serve to keep society orderly and safe, but instead make life disorderly, chaotic, and dangerous for those who subsidize those once-trusted institutions.

It’s often assumed that this occurs as a result of incompetence and bureaucratic negligence. Today it can be surmised with little proof to the contrary, and a trail of financial evidence from George Soros’ funded groups pointing to culprits of organized global chaos that Anarcho-Tyranny is now an intentional and deliberate domestic policy.

However, the organizers of global chaos dress this policy up as something righteous so those who enthusiastically and blindly accept anything ordained as progress, embrace and help sell it to the masses.

Today it is sold as curing social ills such as “racism”, and “mass incarceration” for the “social justice” movement who do not see they’ve been coopted by all institutions of power including banking and finance and corporate America to intentionally create socio-cultural and racial strife so that the people do not notice their true common enemies, organizers of global chaos, who are responsible for the actual damage, including but not limited to the destruction of the once-thriving great American middle class.

The social justice movement, often referred to by its diminutive cousin “woke”, is the perfect dummy movement to create policy solutions that end up harming those they claim to represent, making life even more miserable for so-called “oppressed groups”.

The attack on law enforcement through “defund the police” movements and Black Lives Matter has made things exponentially more ominous in recent years, but that’s exactly what those funding these groups want — social division, chaos, cultural strife, high crime, lawlessness, and the absence of basic state functions of serving and protecting the people and private property.

VIllifying law enforcement increases community tensions so that any events where excessive force is utilized against a member of an oppressed group can be politicized and weaponized as fuel for incitement. The results are catastrophic for the “oppressed groups” in these communities, who end up rendering them ash heaps after weeks or even months of rioting, looting, and terror.

In an election year, these events can be downright beneficial. When a felonious thug who once robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint ingested ten times the lethal limit of fentanyl and began suffocating (respiratory arrest is a side effect of fentanyl overdose), his very public death beneath the knee of a white cop set the stage for the 2020 summer of love that enflamed racial tensions on a transnational scale.

CNN panned for on-air graphic reading 'fiery but mostly peaceful protest' in front of Kenosha ...

The hysteria was amplified by the media and social media monopolies and every corporation did its part by bailing out rioters and looters. Politicians of the Anarcho-Tyranny party even promoted crowdfunding for the liberation of incarcerated criminals. It wasn’t the first time this planned psychological operation for enhancing racial division assaulted the American psyche.

In the summer of 2014 the drive-by media mowed down the truth and ran with the “Hands up, don’t shoot!” narrative in the wake of the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, Missouri. It took months for the truth to finally leak out about what really happened to Brown, and by then the story was of no political use to politicians or the media, who never corrected their felonious narratives.

GOP should support #ICantBreathe protests (Opinion) | CNN

In the wake of the George Floyd riots, athletes began kneeling before events, even at England’s premier league football matches where Black Lives Matter was fully embraced by players and fans, apparently in the name of “racial justice”.

Performative virtue signaling on social media allowed the deceived masses to feel like they were doing their part for the cause célèbre, which morphed into a dedicated election-year effort to depose the bad Orange Man by any means necessary, even rigging ballots in five Democrat-controlled cities.

For the entire month of June 2020, the pandemic was no longer a threat to the population and nationwide protests were allowed, with millions marching in cities where the virus was told to stand down for political circumstances.

To this day parts of Minneapolis are decimated dystopian ghettos, and the elites who helped fan the flames of racial and social hostilities will never have to live with these consequences.

Lessons learned from failed riot response

American society is increasingly divided into two groups. The first is protected by the state (sacred groups) and allowed to live as they please without consequences in conditions approximating anarchy, as long as they further the movements responsible for propagating the socio-cultural divisions that keep the masses distracted and at each other’s throats. The second is the tax-paying and law-abiding citizens who suffer the tyranny of this deliberate corporate state policy, and upon voicing their objections will be intentionally targeted by the state.

The addition of 87,000 new armed IRS agents is only proof that the regime of deliberate Anarcho-Tyranny knows the law-abiding and tax-paying targets of their intentional madness will increasingly resist in the most effective way possible, founded in the roots of their nation — a tax revolt, because who wants to subsidize their own suffering and misery? The corporate state is preemptively securing its future revenue through greater tyranny, so it can continue its mass transfer of wealth from the government printing press to the corporate sector. The looting will continue until the entire economic system crumbles.

The regime in power functions like a despotic machine, with verbal and financial support from all institutions of power that all adhere to a collective mission (ESG + DIE) that favors certain groups over others. This is not benign political favoritism but the total weaponization of the corporate state on behalf of the regime’s sponsors and in devotion to special blocs of voters.

Special groups based on immutable characteristics of racial and sexual identity, which become alterable signifiers (“I identify as…”), are revered and given special status. Society is expected to play along with this make-believe alternate reality and denial of basic biology. Those who refuse will not be immune from their tilted scales of justice.


Anarcho-Tyranny will continue in Democrat-controlled urban areas, where Soros-funded prosectors have been installed to make sure it is weaponized against the law-abiding citizens who foolishly choose to remain and suffer the consequences. Not a day goes by when thugs aren’t beating elderly or handicapped people or robbing the blind, where carjackings and brazen daylight robberies at gunpoint don’t result in the arrested perps being released within a few hours and not held on bond. And when a shopkeeper is a victim of assault and dares fight back, as one bodega worker in the Bronx did last month, he is charged with murder and held on a quarter million dollars bond. Bodega robberies are up 160% over the past year in New York City.

Those old enough to remember the crime epidemics of New York City in the 1970s and 80s might recall the story of Bernhard Goetz, who shot four black “youths” on a Subway in 1983 when, as he claims, they attempted to rob him. The story made national headlines, and he became a kind of cult hero of vigilantism to a public that was tired of the crime and lawlessness. The 2019 film Joker, where Arthur Fleck shoots three miscreants is supposedly based on the Goetz subway shooting, though the racial element is taken out because it’s politically more acceptable to shoot white finance bros today in Hollywood than black “youths”.

But the Goetz case is no less relevant as vigilantism begins to rise. This could be another intentional aim of deliberate Anarcho-Tyranny, to increase the rates of vigilantism and acts of revenge by a desperate public that can’t rely on law enforcement or the local justice system to resolve anything. The media can then amplify these revenge “crimes” which will increase racial tensions and social strife, perhaps even resulting in months of rioting and looting and torching “oppressed” neighborhoods to the ground.

Politically and demographically this portends future alterations in the national blue-state red-state standoff. Those no longer interested in subsidizing localized crime and terror are fleeing in droves to states where law and order are still valued. Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Idaho, Montana, and other states have seen a massive net influx of people desperate and financially secure enough to flee the oppressive urban hellscapes of blue state chaos.

The natives aren’t too thrilled about this demographic shift, and are skeptical of the judgment of their new arrivals, fearing they might not exercise wisdom at the ballot box in their newly adopted home, and bring with them the chaos they helped fund and create where they fled.

And really, who can blame them?

Texas billboard tells liberals keep driving, leave the state ...

Your future dream is a shopping scheme.

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