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Cognitive Dissonance by Nowick Gray

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by Nowick Gray

What do you see in the picture above? A log on a beach, or a wily serpent hungry to eat? We can hold both as possibilities, subjective realities, or tricks of perception. More common is to settle on a single option and discount the other, claiming “the science is settled.” The strategy of denial seems to resolve the contradictions, relieving mental discomfort and emotional stress. But the band-aid does not heal the underlying conflict; it just hides it from view. Censorship has precisely this aim in the realm of the public psyche.

For some dyed-in-sheep-wool dissidents, it’s better to air out wounds and release unresolved stress to the light of day.  Better to lay out all the information and let truth and common sense prevail. Instead of squelching contrary evidence, let’s peel away the layers of obfuscation, and put propositions A and B face to face for the private and public witness to judge.

While we wait, ever so patiently, for a prosaic or legal debate to be arranged in our ideal democratic forum, let us meanwhile take what we can get—poetry, memes, and pithy quotes—to break down barriers to understanding, to offer snapshots of truth and lies in their bald comedic dance.

‘It is called an awakening because the masses are now beginning to understand the real purpose of the globalist agenda: the enslavement of the entire world’s population into a globalist plantation.’ —Bruce Cain

Science says, we want
the digitalization
to make you feel safe

You must have 5G
our engineered food rations
for your own safety

First, fear everyone
cancel everything normal
we will take the keys

so you can be safe
put aside those wayward thoughts
we’ll raise your children

Don’t be backsliders
we are the future—we! we!
Deaths? Coincidence!

Sickness? We’ll save you.
No more pain and suffering!
Sign here, say goodbye.

‘The thing they fear most is you discovering your true powers: Your ability to say no. Your ability to withdraw your consent. Your ability to form community with like-minded people and to use the natural abundance of the world to survive and even thrive without the need for their technocratic tyranny.’ —James Corbett, Technocracy is Insane, Anti-Human and it WILL Fail

In Covid Narrative Remix: Two Years of Dissent, Nowick Gray critiques the global agenda with the voice of the natural human spirit. These compiled articles from The New Now/Agora (2020-2022) shed light on the narrative sabotage carried out as the primary strategy of the war on humanity. Against that weapon of moral destruction, pen turns to sword in the ongoing battle for truth and freedom.

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Nowick Gray is a regular contributor to The New Agora and also offers perspectives and resources for alternative culture and African drumming. Subscribe to his Substack (New World Dreaming) or visit his  writings website at

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