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Entourage Health launches new Color Cannabis and Saturday Cannabis products

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(Globe Newswire) Toronto — Entourage Health Corp., a Canadian producer and distributor of award-winning cannabis products and brands, is pleased to announce the expansion of its brand portfolio with new offerings. The company’s Color Cannabis and Saturday Cannabis adult-use products include distinct cultivars, large-format flower and infused pre-rolls, now available in Ontario and Alberta, with expansion into the rest of Canada over the next few months.

New Cultivars:

Color and Saturday deliver on consumer expectations with products that explore a range of unique genetics, flavours, and aromas. Recently launched in Ontario’s adult-use market, Color’s ‘Mint Cookie Kush,’ a high-THC, Indica-dominant hybrid, is a cross between ‘Animal Cookies’ and ‘Platinum Kush Mints.’ This bold terpene profile has an earthy, spicy scent with a balanced and refreshing citrus note, available in two formats, 3.5g whole flower and 2 x 0.35g pre-rolls.

Also, new to Color is ‘Baked Grape Pie,’ with peppery, fruity aromas and subtle sour grape undertones, packaged in a 3.5g flower and a convenient 2 x 0.35g pre-roll tasting pack. In addition, ‘Saturday’s Motor Breath’ is a legacy 28g whole flower named after its excessively gassy flavour with hints of fuel and zest that produce a loud, bold taste. The one-ounce flower format adds another accessible option to the brand’s expansive product lineup.


Infused Pre-Rolls:

Saturday infused pre-rolls combine two strains milled from whole flower, infused with a broad-spectrum extract that ensures 100 percent cannabis terpenes without added botanicals, resulting in a high THC profile. ‘Night Sweet & Sour Berry Infused Pre-Rolls’ boast sweet, sour, and fruity notes; a combination of popular cultivars ‘Ghost Train Haze’ and ‘Ultra Sour,’ packaged in 3 x 0.5g packs.

Additionally, Saturday’s ‘Night XL Infused Blunt,’ a 1 x 1g pre-roll, offers rotating blends and flavour profiles of specialty curated flower pairings designed to highlight and elevate the strains’ terpene profile. Saturday blunts are wrapped in a natural hybrid of hemp and paper for a smoother, slower experience.

The pre-roll market has grown rapidly within Canada, becoming the second largest product category, with one of every four dollars spent on cannabis going towards these products, according to a recent report from Headset retail data. Currently, 68 per cent of Canadian retailers offer Color pre-rolls, representing company growth across this category. Further, Color was ranked in the top five brands in the pre-roll category nationwide in 2022.

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