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EnWave signs research and development license agreement with Danish Technological Institute

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(Globe Newswire) Vancouver — EnWave Corporation has signed a research and development license with the Danish Technological Institute, a leading research and technology company.

DTI will acquire a 10kW Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV™) machine to conduct product and process development work with several of their customers. DTI is known for helping their client base convert the newest knowledge and technology into value. The license will allow DTI to produce limited quantities of commercial products for market testing and analysis. EnWave believes that DTI has the network and capabilities to highlight the value proposition of REV™ technology in several industries and looks forward to fruitful collaborative work.

Danish Technological Institute is an independent and non-profit research and development institute. Since 1906 the institute has worked to promote the application of technological advances, for the benefit of both the individual business and the continued development, growth, and prosperity of society as a whole.

DTI delivers 40,000 advanced technological solutions annually in response to concrete needs and challenges of our more than 12,000 customers.


The institute’s work for this purpose is carried out by approximately 1,000 specialists, who in close cooperation with 800 research and development partners, assist both small and large enterprises to remain competitive and innovative. We provide a solid technological infrastructure built on specialized professional and domain-specific knowledge and world-class equipment.

The institute delivers technological services that contribute to the required development and conversion in Danish companies. This takes place in line with interdisciplinary and highly relevant societal drivers: digital transformation, green conversion, the circular economy and growth, productivity, and innovation capacity.

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