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Good Reads That Will Make Your Thumb Greener And Your Holiday Brighter

Garden Culture Magazine, Media Partners

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The holidays are for getting together with friends and family (when the health situation allows), but it’s also important to take time for ourselves and get some serious r&r. So slow down and read something! These five excellent gardening books will boost your spirits and maybe even make your thumb a little greener too.

good reads

Sabrina Palermo believes that plant care is self-care, and Lord knows we all could use some therapy these days. So she’s written a beautiful feel-good book to help readers leave their stresses behind and learn how to care for plants and themselves mindfully. Flip through the pages and get to know 20 lovely houseplants while beginning a journey of self-awareness. Palermo guides readers through mindful moments of watering, feeding, and appreciating the greenery in their homes so they can reap all the health benefits. She also offers projects for botanical crafts, aromatherapy, and skincare. Love yourself by loving your plants? Palermo says that’s a thing. Read all about it in her book.

I love walking through my garden on a quiet morning or in the early evening and listening to the birds singing happily on my property. That’s why I was thrilled to get my hands on a copy of this book by Margaret A. Barker and Elissa Wolfson! It’s no secret that climate change is having an immediate impact on the world’s bird populations; this updated second edition guides readers through the process of creating safe, sturdy, and easy-to-build homes for North American’s feathered friends. Why build one when you can buy a ready-made birdhouse at a garden center? It turns out many of those cute-looking houses aren’t suitable homes for birds. These pages offer fantastic tips for attracting birds like owls, robins, chickadees, swallows, and others to your property. Not handy? Don’t be intimidated; the full-page diagrams are easy to follow and are perfect for first-time DIYers. So grab a copy, get to work, and listen for the birds chirping their thanks.

Tired of going to the grocery store and paying way too much for herbs that are less than fresh? Aren’t we all? This book by Susan Betz is a must for any home gardener for so many reasons. Her expert advice on growing herbs indoors will save you some coin, beautify your space, and improve the taste and nutritional value of your meals! You can even incorporate your homegrown herbs into DIY household cleaning products and herbal teas. Move over, succulents! Just kidding, we love succulents. In any case, Betz will help you choose the right herbs for your space and help you grow them to perfection. No need for expensive grow lights or other high-end equipment. What you do need is a windowsill, the right plant, and the know-how for raising your herbal houseplants into something delicious. With this book, Betz gives us a nudge in the right direction.

When the time comes to take the Christmas tree down, most of us are aching for less clutter in our homes. Tyler Baras feels your pain. The guy hates clutter, and he 100% believes that we can all incorporate hydroponics into our homes, no matter how small, without feeling like the growing operation is taking over our personal space. His book encourages readers to look at indoor growing as a work of art; your hydroponic system should look and smell great while reflecting your taste. Are you going for the rustic-chic look? Follow his DIY guide to building a garden with vintage whisky boxes. Got an old salad bowl lying around? Grow something in it! There’s a project for everybody, no matter their style or level of expertise. Baras will also help you with plant and substrate selection, choosing the right spot for your indoor garden, and so much more. There is no need to be a seasoned hydro pro when you have this book to curl up with by the grow lights.

Did somebody say something about creating a kitchen garden that’s both stylish and low-maintenance? Yes, please! Nicole Johnsey Burke brings us a gorgeous book worthy of the coffee table. The pages feature pictures of enviable kitchen gardens and step-by-step instructions on making them a reality in your own space. From the early stages of site selection and planning through to harvest, Johnsey Burke is there every step of the way. I added this book to my must-read list not only because it’s pretty to look at but because I genuinely believe that kitchen gardens are something we should all be trying to incorporate into our homes. Much like victory gardens were essential during wartime, kitchen gardens are crucial in today’s world, offering us all a sense of desperately needed self-sufficiency. Johnsey Burke shows us how to get it done.

Happy reading!

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