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Got ganja as a holiday gift? Here’s what a person should know

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Whether a person in the U.S. has given or received weed, there are things to know to make sure everything is done legally and without spoiling the holiday festivities

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Weed is a fun gift to give, and even more fun to receive. If someone gets marijuana as a gift, especially in a public or group setting, he or she might wonder what the etiquette (and legality) is. This is, after all, new territory for most gift-givers in the U.S.

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Whether a person in the U.S. has given or received weed this holiday season, there are things to know to make sure everything is done legally, and without spoiling any holiday gathering or, worse case scenario, getting arrested.

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With the continued legalization of recreational cannabis in the U.S., the market for marijuana gifts and merchandise has exploded. There are holiday gift sets, unique packaging and even holiday-flavoured edibles.

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A poll conducted by Jushi Holdings found that cannabis consumers 21 years and older in legal adult-use states overwhelmingly plan to consume cannabis as part of their holiday celebrations.

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This means that cannabis lovers in U.S. states where weed is legal may have found some form of THC under the tree this year. The first thing to understand is exactly what a “gift” is.

Defining a “gift”

When a person receives weed as a gift, it must be received without any anticipation of payment or compensation. “‘Gifting’ pot and then receiving payment later, or reciprocal ‘gifts’ of pot and items of value: illegal,” the Boston Globe reports regarding Massachusetts marijuana laws.

This means if a person gets a ganja gift, don’t give that friend a card with 100 bucks in it. Although it may be an actual Christmas gift exchange, it’s best to always be aware of how things can appear to an outsider. As a rule, don’t mix weed gifts and cash-related gifts.

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Read the room… and state laws

When someone gives a person cannabis as a gift, it is understandable that initial jubilance may give way to apprehension. Marijuana and its legal (or illegal) status is a complicated and often stressful matter. Not only may the applicable laws be changing, laws themselves can be tough to fully understand. This is particularly true when it comes to gifting marijuana.

In some places, such as Washington D.C., “gifting” is one of the only legal ways to exchange marijuana from one person (or business) to another person. Other states, like Florida, have legalized medical marijuana, but still have very strong penalties for cannabis possession outside of the medical realm.

Before lighting up a recently received gift, be sure to know what the laws say. It may also be beneficial to read the room. Even where marijuana is legal, it is always illegal for minors.

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If attending a holiday gathering with minors, the best practice is to save that welcome gift for the after-party, or for the privacy of home.

Don’t feel obligated to partake

When receiving a gift, there is often an unspoken pressure to show appreciation by using the gift right away. When it comes to weed, do not feel obligated. If the person who gifted the weed wanted the receiver to smoke with him or her, the gift should include enough for two.

“A pack of pre-rolls or some potent bud is thoughtful, but don’t assume they’re going to smoke it on the spot. If you want to join your pal, bring extra,” wrote MedMen in regards to gifting weed.

When a person receives weed as a gift, don’t feel pressured. Giving thanks is all that’s needed. Let the gift exchange only further the holiday cheer, and steer any sleigh away from legal grey areas so everyone can enjoy the rest of the holiday season without any trips to the courthouse.

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