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Got too high before that holiday dinner? Here’s what to do

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Getting too high might be a stressful and bad idea.

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The holidays can be an emotional time of year, filled with food, booze and close friends and family. A little bit of weed might be just what’s needed to keep things under control. But if a consumer is looking to keep smoking it on the downlow and off the radars of relatives, getting too high might be a stressful and bad idea.

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While every family is different, no one enjoys being super high while having relatives ask about their job prospects or the people they’re dating. Here are some tips to help with navigating these potentially difficult moments.

Drink some water

It may seem basic, but water is very important when it comes to managing a particularly intense high, especially if this gives a person cottonmouth and he or she starts making weird mouth sounds in the middle of dinner.

Drink something cold and preferably non-alcoholic to keep from getting even more intoxicated and make sure to have that water close at hand. Taking periodic sips and getting refills should help with feeling grounded while providing a sense of time. Snacking on something (not edibles!) might also help.

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Don’t panic

It’s just a bad high and may be amplified within someone’s own head. Unless a person reeks of weed, people are unlikely to notice.

Go for a walk before dinner or hang out somewhere private for a little bit to help with chilling out. A walk will likely be particularly effective since it offers a change of scenery and some fresh air.

Take a shower

If a person can manage a quick escape to take a shower, that would be great. Showers can help make a stoned person feel more relaxed and provide a safe space for introspection and some much-needed perspective.

While showering, remember to take a few deep breaths. Afterward, put on some fresh and comfy clothes.

A person will still be high, but the shower will give him and her some time and space to simply calm down.

Focus on the food

Consider the holidays as a great cover for the munchies. The holidays are a time when people won’t question someone enjoying seconds… or even thirds.

After every couple of bites, try to tune in to what people are saying and provide compliments to the chef. Just, space them out a little bit.

Get ready to act

Most people won’t notice a thing if a consumer is careful, so people who partake should keep cool and remind themselves that no one knows how the feel or how stoned they are.

If someone is asking too many questions, just chalk it up to marijuana-induced paranoia. The best thing to do at the moment is to stay calm and remember that even this moment shall pass.

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