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How to Live a Life with Purpose. Finding Life’s Lost Purpose.

Nov 2, 2022 | Media Partners, The New Agora

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Footprints scattered across the dusty floor, patterned, as marbles thrown from a child’s hand. We seek nothing more than to know these patterns and paths of our lives.

And yet, in this so-called modern age of confusing and contradictory perspectives littering both the outer and inner-landscapes, it is easy, even encouraged, to become lost, confused and seemingly bereft of  purpose.

Most of us, as children and young adults, dream of living powerfully purposeful lives full of love, wonder, abundance and adventure. At least I did.

Naturally the specifics of life’s intent and what we wish to accomplish, on the surface at least, can be different for all of us.

Generally though, the roots of our ideals are pretty much the same. Beyond the physical comforts, house, home, food and such, there is an inner curiosity we are born with to explore life’s full potential. In that, by finding our Life’s Purpose, our potential gets fulfilled. That’s how I explain it to myself, anyways.

Living with purpose then, could be what’s missing for anyone who is sad, angry, depressed feeling lost and out of place. As I’ve said before, there is a huge difference between having some ‘freedoms’ and being free.

At it’s core, in my opinion, Freedom is a non-negotiable prerequisite for finding Life’s Lost Purpose. Freedom is Calling Us, one and all. From first breath until today, our hearts generally yearn for this. And to the degree that it’s missing for you, is equal to the empty cavernous feeling of hollow abandon most of us feel, these days.

Join us here as we share how to get there. Discuss the challenges, pitfalls, purpose and potential for developing the kinds of ‘inner strengths’ we need to make a strong outer world.

As one of my favorites Vernon Howard put it…..

 ”Ponder and review the inspiring fact that life can be seen with a totally fresh viewpoint”

This post was originally published on from Randy Rowe and can viewed here: https://newagora.ca/how-to-live-a-life-with-purpose-finding-lifes-lost-purpose/

This post was originally published by our media partner here.