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Need to pass that cannabis drug test? Four tips for safely flushing out THC

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The best way to test clean for an upcoming test is to steer clear of weed.

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Despite cannabis becoming legal in more U.S. states, there are still organizations that ask for drug tests. It could be a school, a prerequisite for a job or something else.

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For regular cannabis users, it’s important to know how these tests work and how to flush the THC out of one’s system.

When cannabis is consumed, THC stays in the body for a long time, much longer than that “high” feeling. Matters get more complex once one considers that there is not yet a precise way of knowing exactly how long THC will stay in a person’s system, taking into account body weight, metabolism, body fat, physical activity, frequency of use, potency of strain and other factors.

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  2. If you are a cannabis consumer, for example, you might be wondering if that joint smoked last weekend is going to show up in the test results, too.

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  3. Hawaii’s medical cannabis system is rendered even more difficult to navigate due to rules that prohibit patients from transporting medical cannabis between the seven islands that comprise the state; legally, doing so is treated similarly to drug trafficking.

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It’s also important to know which drug test will be administered since THC’s presence varies depending on the type of body sample being analyzed. For example, saliva tests may measure the presence of THC that was consumed a few days ago, while hair samples can show THC consumed three or more months ago.

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Here are four safe ways to help a person register a clean drug test. Be aware that the more time a person has before the test to prepare, the more likely the approach taken will be successful. Of course, the best way to test clean for an upcoming test is to steer clear of weed.

Dilution method

This method works best for tests for urine tests to measure THC. Dilution is aid to work best when done at least three days ahead of time and basically involves drinking a lot of water. This increases urine flow, with the ideas being that will dilute the THC concentration in the sample provided. Some maintain diuretics like cranberry juice and coffee will help speed the process.

Since drinking copious fluids will make a person’s urine fairly clear-coloured, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws reports taking vitamin B2. This will add some yellow colour to the urine yellow.

Test oneself

If a test is coming up, consider testing at home ahead of that time. Many drug abuse centers provide drug tests for free and there are also pharmacies, which sell home kits for drug testing.

Stall for time

Try to postpone or reschedule the test for those who think they will not pass. Every extra day of not consuming will offer more time to get clean.

Be careful of what’s online

There are a many methods and marijuana detox kits, some of them just silly and other possibly dangerous. Don’t waste time on quick fixes, but, rather, do some research. It’s best to get clean a few weeks in advance and stick to a cannabis-free environment for that time.

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