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Neighbour threatens to use a blowtorch on man for smoking weed with friends next door

May 25, 2022 | Media Partners, The GrowthOp

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When police arrived, they could see scorch marks on the outside of the flat.

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Smoking cannabis while two friends visited proved the last straw for a neighbour who decided the way to shut down the festivities was to blowtorch the outside of the man’s apartment and threaten to “burn” him.

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The already-tense relationship between the downstairs tenant and his 46-year-old upstairs neighbour in Helston, U.K. flamed out this past February.

According to Cornwall Live, the upstairs neighbour first called the man to complain about the smell. With the phone put on loudspeaker, the flat’s occupant could hear him threatening the victim that he would burn him alive.

  1. “That’s not weed,” a woman is heard saying in the posted video. / PHOTO BY OH / ISTOCK / GETTY IMAGES PLUS

    Woman tossed from church service after cilantro mistaken for weed

  2. Once the officer arrived next to the vehicle, his nose took over. /

    Passenger hands over cannabis-stuffed shoe after officer smells something amiss

  3. While speaking to Solis, the trooper detected a strong cannabis smell coming from the cab of the vehicle. /

    Attempt by trucker in super skunky-smelling rig to ‘freshen’ up goes bust

Not satisfied, about five minutes later, the upstairs neighbour became so angry he went downstairs and could be seen at the kitchen window applying the blowtorch flame to the wooden frame.

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That was enough for the man downstairs to call police as his neighbour then moved to the front door to apply the flame there, all while shouting threats.

When police arrived, they could see scorch marks on the outside of the flat.

Held by police, Cornwall Live reports the neighbour said he had been drinking and got carried away. He also said he was only trying to scare the man and knew the flame would not ignite the wood.

The downstairs neighbour reportedly noted in a victim impact statement that he was afraid to leave his home for two weeks, feeling anxious and suicidal.

The upstairs neighbour later pleaded guilty to arson and threatening to destroy property with arson.

The sentencing judge pointed out that the accused went to areas of the flat where he could be clearly seen, knew the blowtorch flame would not set the wood ablaze, had spent some time in custody and was under 24-hour curfew for two months.

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Accepting his remorse and efforts to date, the judge sentenced him to six months, suspended him for two years, directed him to undergo an alcohol abstinence monitoring program and noted he is subject to a five-year restraining order.

Recreational cannabis remains illegal throughout the U.K., with possession carrying a maximum (although rarely, if ever, used) of five years in prison, an unlimited fine or both.

In 2019, Civilized reported that most poll respondents were fine with legalizing cannabis, but would like to kick its smell to the curb.

The company’s 2019 Cannabis Culture Poll, done in conjunction with PSB Research and Burson Cohn & Wolf, involved 1,000 people in the U.S. and just over 600 in Canada, some of whom smoked cannabis and others who don’t.

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In all, more than one in five respondents in the U.S. said that they either don’t enjoy or even outright hate smelling weed in public. That compares to 57 per cent of Canadian respondents who would prefer passing on public weed smell.

Last year, a poll conducted by Leger Research and commissioned by Action on Smoking & Health found that 63 per cent of surveyed Canadians say they would like to see all smoking and vaping — that includes cannabis — banned from national, provincial and municipal parks.

In 2021, California-based ABSTRAX, which studies and produces cannabis and botanically derived terpenes, reported that it thought it had pinpointed the chemicals responsible for the distinctive scent of cannabis. And these have been identified as volatile sulphur compounds, which “directly correlate to the pungent aroma of cannabis.”

Information posted by People’s Law School notes that if an odour is coming from a nearby apartment, it may amount to a nuisance under the law. Furthermore, local bylaws may limit the odours that are allowed.

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