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Pot plants flying off the back of a truck make it easier for cops to catch up following dispensary robbery

May 4, 2022 | Media Partners, The GrowthOp

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No one was hurt but it made for quite a show.

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It made for quite a show when a box truck fleeing police following a marijuana store robbery left a trail of weed plants and sparks flying as the vehicle’s liftgate dragged along a throughfare in downtown Los Angeles.

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The chase reportedly kicked off shortly after 3:30 a.m. on May 3. Officers had received a report of a robbery and shooting at a cannabis grow-op on Venice Blvd., a major east-west thoroughfare, near the city’s downtown, ABC 7 Los Angeles reports.

Per KTLA 5, a police source told the outlet that they received a report of an assault with a deadly weapon and shots fired. Arriving on the scene, the officers didn’t find any evidence of an assault but were told about a suspect in a reported stolen white box truck.

  1. A 27-year-old and 23-year-old were later arrested. Police say the investigation remains ongoing. /

    Two men flee the scene of illicit cannabis grow by running across rooftops

  2. When the suspect spotted the officers, he dropped a backpack and continued walking up the steps of a nearby apartment building, allegedly also dropping a gun as he climbed the stairs. / PHOTO BY VMARGINEANU / ISTOCK / GETTY IMAGES PLUS

    Man trying to evade police caught after ditching backpack full of cannabis trying to evade police caught after ditching backpack full of cannabis

  3. The smugglers riding a two-wheeler didn't stop when police directed them to do so. / PHOTO BY GETTY IMAGES /Getty Images

    Panicked young smuggler mistakenly runs right into police station

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ABC 7 reports that officers saw an unidentified number of suspects loading the truck with bins of cannabis plants who, upon seeing police, drove off.

In a video posted by NBC Los Angeles, some bins were seen on the street after apparently dropping from the speeding truck, whose cargo door was wide open during the high-speed chase.

The video shows the front of the truck as it speeds down a roadway before the back of the passing vehicle comes into view. That is when one can see the fully open back end of the truck and sparks flying from the trailing lift-gate.

A cruiser then comes into view, closing the gap between the two vehicles, before what looks like the lift-gate and at least one bin of weed tumble onto the road.

The pursuing police, the video shows two cruisers with lights flashing and sirens blaring, slow to avoid the materials dropping off the truck. The cruisers then continue their pursuit and are joined by a police SUV.

Media reports differ, but police caught up with the truck a short time later in South L.A. and the driver or multiple suspects were taken into police custody.

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KTLA 5 notes that police would not say if the cannabis that fell from the speeding truck was, in fact, stolen. The investigation is continuing.

ABC 7 reports that there were no reported injuries.

Both recreational and medicinal cannabis is legal in California. Those growing the plant commercially must be licensed by the state and those 21 and older who choose to garden at home for personal use are limited to six weed plants.

A spate of recent robberies in Washington State sparked calls earlier this year to change U.S. federal banking laws so that weed stores are no longer cash-only businesses.

The Los Angeles incident is not the only example of cannabis being found abandoned or lost on highways, byways and roadways, although usually, these incidents don’t involve high-speed police pursuits.

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This past 4/20, two drivers were arrested for drug trafficking following a crash that left about 227 kilograms of cannabis scattered on Interstate 70 in Missouri.

Another highway collision, this one involving multiple vehicles on the M1 Motorway in New South Wales, Australia in December 2020, left the police to gather 47 kilograms of weed and $37,050 in cash strewn on the highway.

Also in 2020, police in Belfast, Northern Ireland recovered about $1.7 million worth of weed after a truck unintentionally dropped its illicit load onto a highway.

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