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Smoke, sip or nibble: New product drops for summer 2024!

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From beverages to pre-milled flower this summer is full of new products to explore and enjoy!

The sun is shining, the skies are clear and it’s time to explore some of the newest cannabis products hitting the shelves just in time for summer 2024! Regardless of how you prefer to consume your cannabis products there is a little something for everyone to enjoy this season.


  • Spinach Grindz: Enjoy a consistent, mess-free, hassle-free cannabis experience with two new pre-milled flower options from Spinach. Available in Citrus Crush or Cookie Dough, Spinach’s new Grindz line up is a pre-milled flower that’s ready to use in joints of vaporizers.
  • New infused pre-rolls from Good Supply: ‘Golden Guy’ and ‘Monkey Walker’ are not for the faint of heart. By offering a jaw-dropping 1,000mg of THC (the maximum THC content allowed), Good Supply now officially offers the strongest infused pre-rolls in Canada. Needless to say, proceed with caution!
  • Purple Churro by Redecan: New flower drop from Redecan, ‘Purple Churro’ is a hybrid cross of their ‘Cinnamon Horchata’ and their ‘Apples & Bananas’ strains. Coming together to offer a sweet, aromatic masterpiece to your summer stash.


  • Twisted vapes from Good Supply: Enjoy some ‘twisted’ fun this summer with an all new, ready-to-use, rechargeable vape experience from Good Supply. Keep things fresh with two fantastic flavours per vape or twist to mix flavours into an entirely unique third option. Available in three flavour combinations – Purple Monkey & Frozen Watermelon, Orange Swirl & Strawberry Freeze or Mango Passionfruit & Guava Sunrise.

Concentrates (hash/extracts)

  • Jublee’s Montreal-style hash: Paying homage to classic cannabis traditions, Jublee’s new ‘Montreal-style’ hash is crafted and aged for a minimum three months and delivers an old-school flavour and texture.
  • Jublee’s Full Spectrum Crude Extract: Perfect for infusing rolling papers or exploring new culinary landscapes, Jublee’s ‘Full Spectrum Crude Extract’ transform every experience into a gourmet delight.


  • Mary Jones: Feeling nostalgic for childhood summers past? Your favourite childhood soda company – Jones Soda – has a drink for that! Their Mary Jones THC-infused drink line up offers the same flavours you remember with a 10mg THC kick to help you wind-down after a long day of adulting.
  • Summit Beverages: While not super new on the market, Summit released new flavours within the past year as well! Their Rocket Berry, Wild Cherry & Lime and Peach Iced Tea are all perfect for enjoying on a warm summer evening.
  • Mollo seltzers: Designed to be sipped slow and enjoyed, Mollo released three new zero sugar, zero calories and zero aftertaste seltzers that are perfect for summer sipping. Available in Pineapple, Mango and Lemon each 355ml can has 10mg of high-purity THC and 20mg of CBG.


  • General Admission chews: Razzilicious (5mg of THC each – 2 per pack) and Blackberry ACAI (1:1 5mg THC/CBN – 2 per pack) are two new flavour drops that join the popular General Admission edible line up just in time for sunnier days.
  • Monjour gummies: Coming in clutch with their new CBG ‘Perfect Peach’ gummies that pack a whooping 20mg of CBG per gummy and their new ‘Cherry Citrus Sunshine’ gummies that offer 20mg of CBD, 2.5mg of THC and an impressive 7.5mg of THCV per gummy, Monjour Wellness is clearly continuing on their merry mission of ensuring every day is a sunny day even when it rains.
  • Lord Jones Chocolate Fusions: Lord Jones new chocolate fusions offer cannabis users a more artisanal edible option that highlights a combination of textures and flavours that come together to create a truly delicious consumption experience. Available in three flavours (10mg of THC per package), cookies & cream, salted caramel crunch(1:1 THC/CBD) and dazzleberry pop.
  • Sourz by Spinach: Just in time for summer! Spinach SOURZ are now available in four new, bolder flavours! Pink lemonade, blue raspberry watermelon, cherry lime and a tropical party pack which includes three entirely separate flavours, peach passionfruit, pineapple coconut and strawberry guava.

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