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Son faces felony cannabis charge after mother unknowingly brings pot brownies to seniors’ card game

Jan 13, 2022 | Media Partners, The GrowthOp

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46-year-old man in South Dakota has been charged with possession of a controlled drug or substance.

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A seniors’ card game in South Dakota proved a bust after some players consumed cannabis brownies brought by another senior whose son, unknown to her, had previously packed the party treats with plenty of pot.


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According to U.S. News, the woman’s son made the surprise desserts and gave them to his mother so she could share them with people attending the game at a local community centre in Tabor, S.D. on Jan. 4.

Citing a report from the Bon Homme County Sheriff’s Office (BHCSO), dispatchers received several calls about possible poisonings, all of which involved seniors who had been part of the card game earlier.

  1. none

    It took five people a whole day to make this massive weed brownie containing 20,000 mg of THC

  2. “I can do it, I can do it *teehee,*” the woman laughs while attempting to grab her drink.

    Getting baked on baked goods: Giggling grandma gets into grandson’s pot brownies

  3. With regard to severe illness, about three times more children were admitted to the ICU in the peri-post legalization period, namely 13.6 per cent compared to the 4.7 per cent pre-legalization. /

    SickKids study: Legalizing recreational weed associated with higher rates of severe intoxications in children

Police later visited the woman, identified by two seniors who had consumed the brownies, at her home. The woman explained that her son had made the brownies and gave what remained of the batch to the officers.


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Upon questioning the 46-year-old son, he admitted that he had brought back some THC butter from Colorado, where both medicinal and recreational cannabis are legal, and used that in the brownies.

The man was arrested and has since been charged with possession of a controlled drug or substance.

Medical marijuana is legal in South Dakota, but recreational weed is off-limits.

Depending on the amount of weed, there is no penalty or a misdemeanour charge for possessing two ounces (57 grams) or less. But anything above that amount is treated as a felony, according to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

U.S. News reports that, upon conviction, the BHCSO reports the felony charge against the man carries a top penalty of five years in prison and a US$10,000 ($12,500) fine. Per information from NORML, that maximum penalty applies to possessing between one-half and one pound (227 to 454 grams) of cannabis.


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Efforts have been put forward to green-light adult-use weed in the state, including citizens voting in favour of legalization during the U.S. election in 2020, which the state supreme court ruled to nullify this past November. There has also been a recommendation from some state lawmakers for the legislature to take up a bill to legalize marijuana during the 2022 session.

Weed-spiked food is no stranger to pranks and poisonings.

Last year, a bombardier who dosed soldiers with cannabis-infused cupcakes during a live-fire exercise in 2018 was charged for her actions.

Six people were sent to a hospital in India after a poorly conceived prank involving a family consuming a dish containing what their neighbour said was methi (fenugreek), but, in fact, was dried cannabis leaves.


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And during a wake for a deceased restaurant employee, co-workers gathered, but some fell ill when the potluck featuring an array of homemade dishes included at least one with cannabis.

There are also many cases of people overdosing on THC.

When this happens, WebMD reports possible symptoms that include high levels of anxiety, panic attacks, rapid heart rates, poor coordination, nausea and vomiting and even hallucinations.

But even if not a poisoning, those unfamiliar with how cannabis edibles can make a person feel, something that could be heightened or extended depending on the amount of THC, could be in for a scary surprise.

“It takes longer to feel the effects of cannabis when you consume edibles compared to other forms of cannabis,” per the Ontario government. “If you take too much too soon you can experience cannabis poisoning.

Consumption by children is particularly worrisome, with a recent Canadian study reporting that 500-plus children under 10 were taken to emergency departments in Ontario for cannabis poisoning over a five-year period straddling pre- and post-legalization of recreational weed.


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