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Sylvester Stallone trashes weed dispensary, mob-style in ‘Tulsa King’

Nov 14, 2022 | Media Partners, The GrowthOp

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It was all movie-making magic, but Sylvester Stallone had the opportunity to lay down the law old-time, mob-style while filming a scene in which he lets loose in a pot shop.

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In the new original series, Tulsa King, a series that began streaming Nov. 13 on Paramount+, Stallone’s ‘The General’ opts to wreak havoc on the dispensary and its occupants “while suggesting that they’re in need of protection from gangs and the law,” according to Uproxx.

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The veteran of six Rocky films — his insistence on playing the lead role for his screenplay in the original movie paid off big when he received just US$25,000 for the story, but negotiated a percentage of the box office take — is shown in the trailer playing the “original gangster” who has no qualms about a little rough and tumble.

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Perhaps, letting loose was to be expected, since Stallone’s character, Dwight Manfredi, had recently been released from prison following a 25-year stretch.

Returning from prison and expecting a warm welcome and “adequate compensation” for the time spent behind bars, more-comfortable-with-the-old ways Manfredi is, instead, shipped off to Tulsa, Okla. As one of his mob brethren puts it, “There’s nobody doing nothing. You can do whatever you want.”

Later in the trailer, Manfredi is seen entering The Higher Plane cannabis dispensary where, with not so much as a moment’s warning, he is seen throwing a metal water bottle and hitting a security guard square in the head, knocking him out.

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Played for laughs, “This is how it’s gonna work. I’ll protect you from the gangs,” he tells the confused pot shop operator, adding “and the law.” The stoner owner notes, “this is legal,” later explaining, “there was no risk until you came along.”

Medical marijuana is legal in Oklahoma, but recreational bud is not. That said, state Governor J. Kevin Stitt announced last month that electors will have a chance to vote thumbs-up or -down during a special election set for Mar. 7, 2023.

Realizing his mob family may not have his best interests at heart, Stallone’s mobster-out-of-water character slowly builds a “crew” of unlikely characters to help him establish a new criminal empire, Uproxx reports.

Attracting mixed reviews so far, IMDB offers the series an 8.4 rating.

No word on whether or not he was buying, but back in late 2020, the action film icon and his daughter, then in her early 20s, were spotted visiting the MedMen Cannabis Dispensary in West Hollywood, according to a video posted on YouTube by X17onlineVideo. Stallone didn’t make any comment.

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