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The Future is Up For Grabs by Tom (Mofwoofoo)

Sep 30, 2022 | Media Partners, The New Agora

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by Tom (Mofwoofoo)

No one has ultimate control over what is currently happening in the world. There are powerful forces, the unipolarists (US, CIA, WEF, the nazi/eugenicists*, etc.) and the pluripolarists (Russia, China). And always there is that aspect that no one controls: chance, surprise, or luck. However, let’s not forget, the people, the activists, though so far, they have not had much impetus or power yet they are in whom our hope resides.

There is much talk and debate, with protest being the main avenue of people’s actions to little effect, as well as some court cases which are helping. But there is little underway it seems, to dislodge those who have corrupted history for so long, and are now seriously jeopardizing the world.

The prime minister of New Zealand wants world-wide censorship. The US, it seems, blew up the gas line from Russia to Europe, ensuring a very cold winter there, which continues to escalate the possibility of a nuclear war.

There is time for talk and time for action, yet action is what is truly lacking here. Strategies for getting out from under the thumb of these powerful forces that seem so irresponsible and heartless is what’s called for. One strategy to end their constant, endless and ubiquitous subversion, corruption and their control over most governments in the world (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oilxI6Dgoy8) is horizontal governance.

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Now we have the possibility to unite activists around the world with an encrypted app. in order to collaborate and organize more effectively.

If you are a lighthearted, but serious activist, please feel free to contact me.


This post was originally published on from Randy Rowe and can viewed here: https://newagora.ca/the-future-is-up-for-grabs-by-tom-mofwoofoo/

This post was originally published by our media partner here.

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