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The Value of All-In-One Grow Tent Kits

Nov 13, 2022 | Maximum Yield, Media Partners

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While the early years of cannabis cultivation equipment design were focused on secrecy, the modern industry has shifted towards efficiency and convenience. From grow software for commercial producers to smart controls for hobbyist cultivators, there are more equipment options than ever on the market today.

Due to their convenience and affordability, grow tents have become immensely popular in the contemporary cannabis space. Not only do grow tents eliminate much of the labor involved with building growrooms, but they also keep your home nicely protected from wear and tear.

Leading equipment manufacturers like AC Infinity have taken the grow tent vertical to new heights by offering all-in-one tent kits. With these complete grow tent systems, you get every piece of equipment needed to grow cannabis indoors with a single purchase.


Affordability with Package Deals

When compared to piecing together an entire grow tent set up, an all-in-one package will pay major dividends when it comes to affordability. Simply put, equipment manufacturers will often discount their products when you purchase a whole package deal. By doing so, they keep loyal customers from purchasing equipment from competitors. If you decide to set up a grow tent piece-by-piece with a light, ducting, controller, wall fan, and carbon filter, you will likely spend around $1,000 on just a small 2x2ft. tent garden. Conversely, companies like AC Infinity offer 3x3ft. tents fully integrated with top-of-the-line equipment like smart controls and LED lights for just $650.

grow tent with filter and ducting


Save Time During Set-up

If you have ever set up an indoor garden, you have doubtlessly experienced making endless trips to the hydro shop and hardware store. To illustrate, it can be quite frustrating when you think you are about to finally get your exhaust system up and running, only to find out you don’t have the correct size ducting clamps.

By purchasing a complete grow tent setup, you won’t waste time with all the customization that comes with piecing together an indoor garden. Since all the pieces of equipment are made to fit together, you can trust that the building phase will go extremely smoothly. All things considered, there is something extremely comforting in knowing that every piece of your indoor garden is included in a single box.

Safer Indoor Garden Operation

Safety is an extremely important, yet commonly overlooked, aspect of indoor growing. When you bring both electricity and water into a very small space like a grow tent, you create a potentially dangerous situation. If you add extra components like extension cords and power strips to get your grow tent working, you invite more opportunities for accidents.

When you purchase an all-inclusive grow tent kit, you get all the components needed to safely set up a tent garden. Not only are important pieces of equipment like grow lights, sensors, and controllers engineered to work together, but they can be assembled and a way that keeps them safe from harms way.

cannabis in a grow tent


Increased Automation

Increased automation is one of the most important new trends in the indoor gardening space. No longer are sophisticated pieces of technology like smart controllers exclusively reserved for commercial producers. In fact, many of the leading equipment manufacturers in home grower segment have integrated their equipment with mobile apps.

By purchasing an all-inclusive grow tent setup, you guarantee that important pieces of technology like controllers, exhaust fans, and grow lights “speak” to one another. When used correctly, such smart grow setups will automatically adjust fan speed and light intensity in response to changing temperature and humidity. Even better, you can keep tabs on all this information from afar with mobile apps.

Better Environmental Control

When you piece together an entire grow tent setup with random hardware and equipment, you sacrifice much of the precision control that comes with all-in-one units. This notion extends beyond obvious pieces of technology like fans and sensors and effects into the actual infrastructure of your grow tent.

If you have ever had to patch together odd pieces of ducting with a fan and carbon filter, you’ve likely found that such piecemeal setups don’t work very efficiently. When your exhaust system is held together with duct tape or has too many bends in the ducting, it simply doesn’t move hot and humid air from your tent as smoothly as it should.


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Easier Troubleshooting

Successful indoor gardening requires more than having a green thumb—you must also understand how cultivation equipment works. All things considered, problems with your indoor garden are often just as likely to be as technology-related as they are biological. When things aren’t working correctly, you can spend countless hours troubleshooting and tinkering with equipment.

When you purchase an all-inclusive grow tent kit, you can rest assured that all your equipment is working together as it should. As such, you can eliminate concerns like “is this grow light too large for my tent?” and get to the real problem much more efficiently. In the end, the ability to troubleshoot quickly could be the difference between a successful harvest and a lost crop.

By taking the grow tent concept and creating all-in-one kits, companies like AC Infinity have greatly simplified the game for home growers. Whether it be the ease of making just a single purchase or the comfort of knowing that everything works together as it should, complete grow tent systems are perhaps the most convenient option for setting up an indoor cannabis garden—in any capacity.

While it’s easy to focus on the many ways that grow tent kits make your life easier, they are also a great choice for your cannabis plants. Since everything is engineered to work together, all-inclusive kits provide the ideal conditions for growing healthy cannabis plants. In the end, your indoor harvest will only be as strong as the environment where your plants are grown.

AC Infinity logo

AC Infinity is the foremost name in air delivery systems, designing and developing the latest innovations in cooling and ventilation technology. They offer a suite of quiet inline fans that automate the growing progress and track key metrics. Visit acinfinity.com or contact [email protected] to learn more.


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