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Edmonton, May 28-30, 2023

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Where the Monsters Dine with Tony Sayers and Lorenzo

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with Tony Sayers and Lorenzo

Have you ever wondered why those ‘bad feelings’ persist in haunting you, even though you’d like them to stop? Can you tell when there is an uncomfortable presence lingering, uninvited, inside your energy field? Creepy, hungry and unloving. They certainly seem alien to me.

Where do these ‘creatures’ come from? How do they get inside our heads? Is it something we allow through negligence and ignorance, tacitly inviting them in?

Perhaps it’s the traumas we all experience creating weak spots in our being which allow them entrance inside of us and our lives?

It is those psychic and psychological wounds that breed our bad memories; the kinds that allow access into us from these unfriendly parasites. It has certainly been that way for me.

These otherworldly invaders: Call them demons, archons, aliens, djinn, spirits, what have you. By any of their names their ultimate goal, as unpleasant as this sounds, is to feed on our energy. We are a food source for them. And they will go on ‘eating you’, as long as you permit them to continue. Possibly even beyond this life, into the next, and so on.

Are there ways then, techniques, to disable their ‘feasting’? Can we make ourselves unpalatable to them? Eliminate that which makes us such a ‘tasty’ food source?

Healing our traumas is a great way to begin. Understanding them, these parasites, for what they are and how and where they access us is essential. Know your enemy! A key to winning any battle. Head in the sand won’t work when they ring those ‘dinner bells’.

Best to become a master of Yourself. Training your awareness, as you would a long unused muscle and see how to become beyond their reach.

Join Tony Sayers and I, as we tackle the parasites, figuratively and literally. From chakras, and how they can be seen as weak spots, to alien implants, alien love bites, invasions and attacks, using viewing techniques, remote and otherwise, to study and sabotage their efforts.

I hope you enjoy, as I did, this highly interesting and helpful conversation.

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