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Why Kmart stores padlock $15 coffee grinders ⁠— Hint: Think cannabis bud

May 6, 2022 | Media Partners, The GrowthOp

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Somewhat akin to certain “neck massagers,” Reddit sleuths say the devices are being used for a whole other purpose.

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Why would Kmart stores in Australia padlock two economically priced coffee grinders while forgoing security on an espresso machine that costs multiple times more? Could it be that the grinders are being used for bud not beans?

That appears to be the thinking of thinkers Down Under, according to Daily Mail Australia, which this week reignited talk of the potential pot padlock puzzler.

Citing a photo posted to Reddit, the publication reports the snap shows the big box store displaying two coffee grinders, priced at about $15 and $35 range, with anti-theft tags sitting on a shelf right next to an $86, sans security espresso machine.

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Reddit users suggested the grinders are often stolen for another purpose entirely: breaking up cannabis buds.

Per Daily Mail Australia, one person noted, “Purchased mine at Kmart, the girl serving me couldn’t understand all the security for the cheap grinder when the expensive coffee machine had none.”

Another poster who claimed to work at a Kmart store reported the grinders are kept behind the service desk and there are multiple daily requests for the popular item, Daily Mail Australia added.

This is not the first time the bud baffler has become fodder for discussion, though. Way back in 2018, a Reddit thread began to populate, espousing the grinder’s obvious benefits for cannabis consumers. FAB: The K-mart Coffee Grinder Is God’s Gift To Stoners, noted the post.

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“Best like 12$ ever spent,” Ann Dee wrote two years ago. “I really do wonder if anyone actually buys these for coffee,” CB_N17 added in the same thread.

Of course, not everyone was a satisfied customer, as evidenced by a thread started in the fall of 2021.

“Hey any grinder recommendations? I’m sick of the kmart grinder turning my bud to powder,” Hippy Flower Mama asked.

Responders came back with several suggestions, including the Waterfall grinder, the Santa Cruz shredder and the Grinderoo. But one poster suggested revisiting the Kmart option, but to buzz for only a second or less.

One poster to the God’s gift thread reported moving on from the Kmart offering because too much Kief was being wasted, while another person argued the grinding “just feels so brutal.”

Brutal or not, the items reportedly are regularly out of stock, per Lad Bible.

If in need of some expert input about solid “coffee” grinder options, Know Your Grinder ranked its favourite devices to break down cannabis. Cannabis Place, for its part, offers a bit of a rundown comparing coffee grinders to scissors and hand grinders.

And if people need a bit of music to make their decisions, a video uploaded last year on TikTik offers its take on the Kmart device.

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