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Edmonton, May 28-30, 2023

Due to the numerous requests from LPs. Micro and Craft growers along with some of the largest cannabis retail stores in the nation, Grow Up has decided to bring our award winning show to Alberta. We will be hosting our 7th Conference and Expo at the Edmonton Convention Centre in beautiful downtown Edmonton.

Kevin Jodrey

Grow Up is proud to welcome back Kevin Jodrey, Founder, One Log Cookies R & D Facility. Kevin has been a cannabis cultivator for decades, running this own operations and offering consulting services to the broader community. He’s spoken at universities, judged at the Emerald Cup, and consulted on cannabis related educational shows for National Geographic and A&E. Featured in the New York Times, a pulitzer prize winning Washing Post article, countless other articles, books, and radio and tv shows.

Scotiabank Convention Centre

Niagara Falls Convention Centre

Sept. 11-13, 2022

Master Class Technical Workshops


The Master Class Technical Series is only available with the VIP Industry Conference and Expo Pass or the Industry PLUS Pass.

Elevate your Growing

Grow Up Master Class Technical Sessions

A Deep Dive in to Cultivation Practices

Grow Up returns with our Master Class Technical Sessions – an intimate series of in-depth sessions that allow growers to get more out their cultivation practices, courtesy of the shared insights of others. To keep cannabis cultivation on the edge of innovation, it’s important to generate an exchange of ideas and insight between growers.

This must attend event is intended for all growers, both experienced and novice, that are looking to bring their growing to a higher level.

Masterclass Technical Series Schedule

If you would like to take an active role in our programming or become a speaker, click here and fill out our speaker submission form.

DAY 2: Industry Conference
10:00 AM11:00 AM
Tuesday September 13th
Passes needed:
Transpiration before irrigation - is it that simple? Managing the rootzone can make or break your garden.  Fertigation techniques and dry back in various media affect nutrient uptake which can help drive your plants in the direction you want them to go.  It’s not that simple. Join George Dickinson (Growhaus Supply); Adam Iwanowski (PharmHill); Sean MacDougall (EastCann) ; Stacie Hollingworth (Safari) and Brendon Roberts (Crop Care) for a spirited discussion.
11:00 AM12:00 PM
Tuesday September 13th
Passes needed:
Imagine a winemaker or chef not getting to taste their work before offering it to the public.  Learn what it takes to conduct sensory evaluation in your LP and learn what to look, smell, and taste for in your product before you sell it.  Moderated by Ben Miner
1:30 PM2:15 PM
Tuesday September 13th
Passes needed:
Cannabis cultivation is evolving, but so too are insects and diseases that affect cannabis.  Fortunately, integrated pest management experts Anoo Solomon (CannaProtectIPM); Claude Robert (Anatis Bioprotection); Kelly (Bio Bee) are here to share what’s new for your IPM toolbox.
2:15 PM3:00 PM
Tuesday September 13th
Passes needed:
Mimicking nature seems like an easy concept until you put on expectations that are not natural.  High-yielding and optimal quality cannabis from an LSO system requires increased inputs from water, to nutrients, to light intensity, to microbes.  Join our experienced growers Genevieve Newton (Stewart Farms), Brandon Giberson (High Craft Farms), Bryan Grasdal (Rocky Mountain Farms), and Nathan Knechtel (Black Swallow Living Soils) as they share their thoughts on the fine balance of growing in living soils.
3:00 PM3:45 PM
Tuesday September 13th
Passes needed:
Micro and craft cannabis cultivators make it easy for QAP because they grow great product, but they make it so hard for QAP for so many other reasons.  Join Rebekah Brooks (Qualium Consulting) and Dustan MacLean (Parkland Flower) as they share solutions to the challenges faced when addressing quality assurance.

Speaker Submissions

If you are in the cannabis growing industry and would like the opportunity to speak at Grow Up Conference and Expo, please click here to apply.