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$5,000 fine for Winnipeg woman who gave out cannabis edibles on Halloween

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A woman who says she accidentally handed out illegal cannabis edibles on Halloween in 2022 has received a $5,000 fine from a provincial court. 

The ruling, handed down on March 25, 2024, came after charges against her husband were stayed in 2023. 

Sheldon Chochinov and his wife, Tammy Sigurdur, said they gave out THC candies to multiple people, including young people under the age of 18, on October 31, 2022. Sigurdur previously pleaded guilty to charges of supplying cannabis to a young person and possessing cannabis that is not packed, labelled or stamped. 

Sigurdur told the court that she wasn’t aware she had packed up the illegal edibles because she wasn’t wearing her glasses. She said the edibles, which were packaged to look like Nerds and other branded candy, were her husband’s property. He also said he did not notice that the candy he was handing out was the cannabis-infused edibles. 

The couple say they didn’t realize what they had done until people began posting pictures of the candy on social media. The husband and wife then provide the police with a detailed statement.

Several local media outlets have covered the newest ruling in detail, including CBC and the Winnipeg Free Press

Similar infused Nerds knockoff candies made headlines recently when several young people in Halifax were sent to hospital after consuming the illicit infused candies.

Image via Winnipeg Police

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