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The New Agora

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Our Online Magazine is dedicated to our readers’ health, happiness, wealth and above all Freedom. Always Encouraging the Evolution of Consciousness. Beyond all limits.

 The New Agora has always been a way to research and explore Life, while communicating what we felt was useful, vital and important information for our readers, viewers and participators of all kinds.  We’ve always intended and worked towards creating for ourselves a strong and loving independence, walking a path of sovereignty, all the while accepting the responsibilities of sharing that with the World.

With over a decade of printing our New Agora Newspaper to The New Agora Online, and now coming very soon, The New NOW in-print Magazine, and our Freedom NOW Festival, the main theme of our lives and our work has been and always will be, Freedom. A path for Sovereign beings available to any and all, but one that can only be made real for oneself.

We’ve been asked plenty of times, what it is we do and why we are doing it? Questions worth pondering for any of us. Honestly and simply put, we work to help ourselves and others gain the traction and build the momentum to build abundant, happy, healthy and loving lives. Nothing simple or easy about that, at least not so far, but we have found, from trial and error and a willingness to put in the effort, that authenticity grows results in making the best of us come forward and manifest.  

Perhaps our main ‘claim to fame’, certainly one hard fought, is our learned skill to see through, sift and navigate our way between truthful authentic and inauthentic information, products, services, claims, movements, healers and the like, and thereby share helpful means for others to help themselves to a better more free life.

Freedom is free, but the efforts are huge. Hard work, true seeing, honest evaluations of both yourself and your business are required, for not only one’s personal growth and happiness but also to do well with us and in the community of Life. After so many years, and now, approximately half a million views per month and growing strong, we continue to feel a responsibility, not only to inform, encourage and facilitate our readers’ self-empowerment, but to always do so with integrity, truth and the courage demanded of us from the Time’s in which we live, this is also true of the people and businesses that becomes a part of this Agora.

About our Freedom NOW Festival

Our Freedom NOW Festival will be a 3-day virtual, online event launching in May of 2021 and intending to be a reoccurring Expo. It will  feature a fully interactive landing lobby with 8 specifically categorized ‘breakout’ rooms, a main presentation stage (zoom-like), real/face/time interactive capabilities, and separate booth areas, where private and public conversations will both be possible at our event participators and attendees discretion, it will be the next best thing to ‘in person’ expos.

If interested, please contact us for more details.

About our Advertisers

Authors, Healers, Scientists and Inventors, Pioneers of all kinds, Retreats, Practitioners covering the spectrum of Arts: Healing and otherwise, Cannabis and Mushroom Supplements, EMF blockers, Earthing Companies, Detox Products, Organic Foods, Clothing, Building and Growing and other Self-Sustaining Technologies, Energy Sources, Building Supplies and Techniques and More.

Health Food stores, (Brave) Cannabis Stores, Growers and Manufacturing Companies, Vitamin and Metaphysical Stores, Hydroponic and Green Growing Supplies and Outlets, Healthy Products of all kinds, Healers, Psychics, Shamans, Visionaries and Simple, yet important, Organic Food Retailers, Unique Bookstores, Clinics and Studios.

The New Agora


About our New NOW Magazine

We will be publishing exclusive, often under-exposed, at times revolutionary, unique and helpful information in each edition. In a very real sense, each copy of The New NOW Magazine will be an encapsulation of timeless information. Gathering contributors from many different walks of life yet all sharing an intent for freedom.

From educators to healers, birth & life advisors, to freedom fighters, shamans, homesteaders, wild crafters, supplement creators & providers, visionaries, innovators of all kinds, inventors and so on, all with the goal of self-empowerment and human liberation and excellence.

Launching Spring 2021. Glossy Magazine. 25,000+ Copies. With a forecast of 100,000 print within our first year. $3 Cover Price. Distribution Focus with start with the West Coast of North America and expand through the Continent with our Subscription and Distribution Services. We have a standing agreement in place with our printers, Int. Web Services for drop shipments anywhere in N.A.

About our Readers and Viewers

Over the many years of face to face meetings, through the hundreds of live events we’ve personally attended, we happily discovered our readers to be intelligent, active, of all ranges though often of higher income, always with a dedication to personal health and sovereignty.  From young people lead by their curiosity and desirous of alternatives, to older folks with the drive and resources to implement change in their lives.  Currently, as our major efforts have had to focus entirely online thanks to these ‘interesting times’ of ours and the challenges inherent in still standing for Truth in an era of fear and censorship, it appears the median age exactly that,  with new parents seeing their responsibilities grow and having to make harder choices to help raise free,  healthy, strong and intelligent children. Many are creative, authors, artists, inventors, homesteaders, self-taught and ‘out of the box’ thinkers’. They are aware, often outspoken, involved, community-minded, inquisitive, and generally of high integrity.