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A Global Chorus of Pretence to Halt…..

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A Global Chorus of Pretence to Halt

…the Gaza Bloodbath

by Julian Rose

For those who have failed to recognise the true colours of the global institutions charged with acting for world peace, health and human rights, it will surely come as a shock to realise that such international bodies are part of the problem and not the solution.

They are complicit in the carefully planned entanglement agenda which obscures truth, strings out discussion and evades taking action, while presenting themselves as ‘the caring face of global welfare’.

These bodies are agents of the elite globalist push for ‘A New World Order’, top down power now going for full spectrum dominance.

Heading this list must be The United Nations, followed closely by The World Health Organisation and the World Economic Forum. These three institutions are in fact, inseparably joined at the hip.

There are many more such groupings, of course, but it’s beyond the scope of this article to go into their part in the power game.

It is deeply shocking to witness the UN’s CEO, Antonio Guterres, issuing pleas for a sustained humanitarian break in the Israeli army’s mass murder of men, women and children in Gaza, while simultaneously enforcing the elite cabal’s monstrous Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development programme for a ‘Net Zero’ techno-globalist take over of humanity.

It must be remembered that this is the organisation that backed the Agenda 21 ‘sustainability’ programme which was tied into the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, placing a centralised industrial scale ‘Fake Green Agenda’ at the centre of efforts to disenfranchise the world’s true human scale food producers, energy providers and health practitioners.

A plan specifically geared to put corporate banking institutions in charge of globalising this false green agenda – while casting aside the true wisdom and experience of independent, benign, artisan and local/regional manufacturing and farming enterprises that form the only equitable base for a creative and diverse national and international economy.

All this is, of course, intimately bound up with the dissemination of ‘Global Warming’ scare stories via the manipulated and entirely deficient UN International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) computer modelling exercises designed to ‘prove’ anthropogenic CO2 to be the ‘Mr Evil of industrial output’.

The UN is funded by nation states and by private ‘elite’ personalities like Bill Gates, determined to exert and maintain their power base within the top-of-the-pyramid status quo.

Given its historical standing, is the UN likely to genuinely push for a permanent cease fire and establishment of a peace keeping force to block the wholesale slaughter of the innocence in Gaza?

Guterres, Schwab (WEF) and Ghebreyesus (WHO) are puppets of the shadow government responsible for fomenting wars, famine and planetary depopulation, all under the guise of offering benign interventions in conflicts they themselves are party to setting in motion.

The Great Reset is the latest name given to this particular phase in the establishment of the long promised totalitarian New World Order.

Ghebreyesus, at the WHO, overseas the ‘health genocide’ side of things. He is hoping to pull-off the great post Covid ‘Emergency Health Treaty’ this May (May 2024), whereby every country in the world is expected to offer itself up in compliance to whatever commands are issued by this latest model of health dictatorship. A substantial gift for Big Pharma and for depopulation fanatics.

‘Rule by dictatorship’ is also heavily promoted by Klaus Schwab at the WEF, a man/organisation completely devoid of sympathy for the human race, but of key significance to the A.I.techno industrial push for a transhuman take over of life on earth.

Further feeble proclamations of intent to save innocent lives in Gaza come from global heads of state, of course. With one wary eye on public opinion and the other on the vindictive power of the Zionist lobby, they attempt to steer a ‘middle path’ which will not unduly upset either side.

Witnessing such duplicity coming from individuals supposed to act with wisdom and responsibility at moments of intense human crisis, is deeply unnerving.

Cowardice barely describes the weak, apologetic vacillations that such individuals spew forth in front of expectant TV cameras and hobbled journalists supplying ‘breaking’ stories for mass media outlets.

The obsession to ‘protect one’s interests’ over making any commitment to finding genuine solutions to urgent crises has become the only instinct left functioning in these sad representatives of modern day ‘political diplomacy’.

A remarkably stark example of this disease was on display amongst Britain’s political milieu in February. Sir Keith Starmer, head of the British Labour Party, was apparently ‘shocked’ when one of his MP’s standing for re-election in local elections – was on the record (recorded) saying that the October 7th Hamas uprising was allowed to happen by Netanyahu as a pretext for preserving his power base and genociding the Palestinian population of Gaza.

Starmer, terrified of the British Zionist lobby accusing his party of being antisemitic, made the unfortunate MP apologise profusely for his ‘terrible error’ and then informed him that he would be ‘deselected’ as a candidate at the forthcoming elections.

So that’s it – anyone falling for the egregious political error of speaking the truth, is immediately consigned to the doghouse. There to become a useful victim of the blame passing exercise designed to save the reputations of such effigies of political vacuity as Sir Keith Starmer.

He is no exception, the political class is schooled in the art of self preservation; mostly through seamless lying and the blatant evasion of duty.

It is abundantly clear that the ruling elite/shadow government regards all human life as simply ‘collateral’ and useful only in so far as it serves their cause of achieving ‘full spectrum dominance’.

It is equally clear – and many degrees more tragic – that billions of planetary citizens accept such behaviour as ‘the new normal’ for world governance, thereby spectacularly failing in their duty to call it out.

It is at this level that we who are aware each have a crucial role to play in preventing our already traumatized world descending further into the abyss.

What role might this be? I hear some asking.

It is quite simply to hold the line of humane decency, moral courage and a determination to act as guardians of the health and welfare of humanity as a whole. And this must always also mean ‘the planet’. Humanity and the planet are inseparable from one another.

We are charged, whether as generals or foot soldiers, with the defence and preservation of that which was gifted to us by the Supreme.

Extraordinary people are doing extraordinary things to save lives in the midst of this pandemic of mindless cruelty. They are the true heroes of the hour. Every one of us has it in us to join that highly esteemed band of courageous souls.

Everyone of us who will now step forward to engage in the pact-less struggle to overcome the agents of darkness, will be enriched beyond measure for taking such a bold stand – and will be held in the highest esteem along with those already engaged.

Those who don’t want to stand defiant in the face of the present calculated destruction of life’s most precious values, will suffer the fate of never knowing what it means to be alive.

Julian Rose is an organic farmer, writer, broadcaster and international activist. He is author of four books of which the latest ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind’ is a clarion call to resist the despotic New World Order takeover of our lives. Do visit his website for further information

Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through

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