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Atlantic Cultivation expands nationwide with strategic acquisition of Tantalus Labs brand

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(CNW) St. John’s, N.L. — Atlantic Cultivation, a craft cannabis cultivator and processor based in St. John’s, NL, has executed a significant acquisition, securing the Tantalus Labs brand. This strategic move extends Tantalus Labs’ legacy under the stewardship of Atlantic Cultivation, contributing to its role as a purveyor of premium cannabis products.

Embodying a shared commitment to excellence, the acquisition encompasses Tantalus Labs’ brands, remaining inventory, and transitioning the brand from its origins in British Columbia to a coast-to-coast national presence with Atlantic Cultivation.

“Atlantic’s dedication to quality, community, and providing access to premium cannabis products, which contribute to fostering an inclusive and flourishing craft cannabis industry, solidifies our collaboration with the Tantalus. This acquisition is founded upon our shared values, reflecting our unwavering commitment. We persist in our mission to elevate cannabis quality and ensure its widespread accessibility.” — Chris Crosbie, founder and COO, Atlantic Cultivation

With a mission to foster a sustainable cannabis industry, Atlantic Cultivation will continue to champion Tantalus Labs’ advocacy. Founder Dan Sutton expressed confidence in this collaboration, affirming “Tantalus Labs is proud of its historic market success delivering value and quality to customers across Canada. This relationship with Atlantic enables continued growth on that success.”


George Smitherman, president and CEO of the Cannabis Council of Canada says the acquisition is, “Celebrating the alignment of craft brands each noteworthy for commitment to their trade, authenticity to their community and region and above all, quality.”

Tantalus products will be available in Atlantic Cultivation’s retail network in Newfoundland and Labrador. As a leading private retailer in Eastern Canada, Atlantic Cultivation’s vertical integration and partnerships with high quality craft growers enhance its reputation for great cannabis products. Atlantic will continue working with suppliers for Tantalus products and introduce Atlantic’s indoor grown exclusive cultivars to the Tantalus product lineup across Canada.

“I can think of no better brand and operators to carry forward the commitment to Tantalus quality than Atlantic. Their reputation for top shelf cannabis empowers our portfolio, and together our brands represent the go-to trusted source for exciting cannabis worthy of deep customer loyalty.” — Dan Sutton, founder, Tantalus Labs

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