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BC cannabis company is bringing infused poutine to the Quebec market

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A British Columbia-based cannabis producer is adding a new twist on a distinctly Canadian dish, a cannabis-infused poutine sauce that will be available for sale in Quebec.

Rubicon Organics Inc., a cannabis producer with a focus on certified organic cannabis, announced today that its in-house brand, 1964 Supply Co., will be offering a cannabis-infused poutine sauce crafted with hash rosin.

The new “High Cuisine” poutine sauce, available now at the SQDC for about $8, is a mix that contains two containers, each with 5 mg of THC, and can be heated in a saucepan with water before being added to your fries and cheese curds, or anything else for that matter!

“We are excited to bring this one-of-a-kind product to the Quebec market,” said Melanie Ramsey, CCO of Rubicon Organics. “Our Cannabis-Infused Poutine Sauce is not only delicious but also provides consumers with a fun and innovative way to incorporate cannabis into their culinary adventures.”

Rubicon plans to expand distribution into other provinces in the coming weeks. 

Quebec has become a testing ground for more novel cannabis edibles that seek to conform to the province’s strict rules around edibles. Quebec does not allow the sale of edibles such as candies, desserts, chocolates, or other products deemed as being appealing to those under the age of 21—the legal age of access in Quebec. 

Instead, edible products in Quebec have included “cannabis bites” made of dates, hemp hearts, sunflower seeds, currants, and cinnamon, as well as unique products like infused beats, beef jerky, sausages, ramen, black currants, spicy crackers, figs, and cauliflower.

The SQDC claims it cannot provide details on how well specific edibles have sold but lists “ready to eat” products as just 0.18% of total sales in 2022-2023.

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