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Cannabis Drinks Expo Continues to Grow

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After successful events at San Francisco and Chicago last year, Cannabis Drinks Expo is all set for Cannabis Drinks Expo 2023!

Both San Francisco and Chicago saw a huge networking opportunity for anyone curious about the future direction of the cannabis drinks industry in the United States. What took place on July 28, 2022 in San Francisco and on August 2, 2022 in Chicago were two of the biggest global gathering of cannabis drinks professionals around the world, and brought together MSO’s, dispensaries, cannabis growers, packaging companies, co-packers, flavour suppliers, cannabis drinks brands, service providers of the United States together.

The theme for last year was “Growing The Category” and Cannabis Drinks Expo saw a significant category growth with the support of all the exhibitors and visitors who believe and are passionate to pull the reins harder.

The theme for 2023 Cannabis Drinks Expo remains “Growing the Category”. Extensive research was done at this year’s show with the stakeholders to discuss the theme for 2023. After analyzing more than 50 feedback forms, meeting MSO’s, Co-Packers and other influencers of the category, we have concluded that the 2023 theme will again be ‘Growing the Category’. The 2023 theme will be broken down into 4 main pillars. Each pillar, as followers, will be marketed all year round to help the category grow.

Pillar 1: Creating end consumer pull: One the main challenge our cannabis drinks category faces is to create end consumer demand. CDE will work with speakers, visitors, exhibitors and media to create more end consumer awareness on Cannabis Beverages. The ultimate demand in consumers will help dispensaries and retailers stock cannabis beverages which will help the entire supply chain.

Pillar 2: Educating consumers on Cannabis Beverages: The second pillar that CDE will focus on will be inducing end consumers with more technical information and on why they should ‘try’ cannabis beverages. CDE will work with key influencers in the next 12 months to educate current cannabis consumers on cannabis beverages and also craft beer, wine and spirits drinkers on how cannabis beverages can also be part of their social consumption

Pillar 3: State bottlenecks: One of the common feedback CDE got was to have other state co-packers and MSO’s at both the locations as they are key to unlocking some logistical and legal bottlenecks that we have in place in the US market. CDE will work on getting leading co-packers and MSO’s as exhibitors in 2023. This will help current and new brands expand their distribution.

Pillar 4: International theme: 2023 will also have a focus on bringing international participants and will have an international panel and discussions on how brands can partner with US companies and how US companies can partner with foreign companies to grow.

All of the above pillars will have one goal: Growing the Category

Other areas where CDE will focus on in 2023:

  • More visitors from other states. More MSO’s and retail buyers. More Co-packers.
  • Improving communication with our exhibitors on what is included in their tickets. Like lunch, wifi and cocktail party invites.
  • Getting press and media to attend the shows. We will be working on getting more journalists, influencers and media to come to the show. Pre and Post the show they will help us grow the category.
  • Quality of the visitors. We received great feedback on the quality of visitors, we will aim to maintain that. • Investors Panel, Press Panel and Legal Panels will also be included in 2023 in conference planning.
  • Company Pitch sessions: CDE may introduce pitch sessions where each brand will get 15 minutes to pitch and what they are looking for. In attendance will be all kinds of visitors. Interested visitors will be able to request more information from the company which will generate leads for the company to follow up after the event. There will be 4 spots per city on a first come basis.
  • Bigger show. CDE will have 100 exhibitors in each city in 2023.
  • More investments in decor and aesthetics of the show.
  • Partnerships with other beverage associations like wine, beer and spirits distributors, retailers. Like craft beer associations. Like Craft growers brewers association.

Meet awesome brands and suppliers at both the Chicago and San Francisco locations. 

San Francisco: July 27, 2023, South San Francisco Conference Center, 255 South Airport Boulevard, South San Francisco, California 94080.

Chicago: August 1, 2023, Morgan MFG, 401 N Morgan St Suite #204A, Chicago IL 60642

Visitor Registration is open: get your passes now to save on tickets.

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