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Cannabis recalled for labelling error, THC higher than on package

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A BC cannabis producer has recalled two lots of dried cannabis sold in British Columbia and Manitoba due to a labelling error.  

The two lots of dried cannabis from Aarons BCBud—one of Lindsay OG (3.5 and 7 gram) and one lot of Island MKU (14 gram and 28 gram)—were recalled due to incorrect cannabinoid values on the labels and errors in the THC, CBD and Total CBD values. 

The Island MKU Dried Cannabis had a printed value of 23.70 mg/g THC and a total THC of 22.10 mg/g. The actual values were 12mg/g and total THC 221 mg/g. The printed value for CBD was 0.10 mg/g and Total CBD of 0.10 mg/g, with the actual value being <1 mg/g and total CBD as <1 mg/g.

The Lindsay OG was listed as having 20.64 mg/g THC and a total THC of 176.8 mg/g, while actual THC was 18.11 mg/g and total THC was 278.94 mg/g. CBD was listed as  <0.01 mg/g  and total CBD was listed as 0.10 mg/g, while actual CBD was <0.10 mg/g and total CBD was 0.62 mg/g.

Health Canada’s recall notice says that, to date, Aaron’s BCBUD Inc. has received one complaint related to incorrect cannabinoid values on product labels while Health Canada has not received any complaints related to the recalled lots. It also notes that neither Health Canada nor Aaron’s BCBUD Inc. have received any adverse reaction reports for the recalled cannabis product lots.

Labelling errors are the most common reason for cannabis product recalls in Canada. There were 590 units of the recalled product sold between October 14, 2022 to June 7, 2023. Health Canada reminds consumers that they should verify whether their product is affected and to contact the retail store where the product was purchased if they wish to return the product.

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