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Canopy Growth’s newest pre-roll flower offering perfect for end of summer occasions

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“Our newest flower offerings combine the fresh flavours of summer with the convenience of a pre-roll, making them the perfect complement to any occasion. Together with our team of master growers and cultivators, we continue to innovate with new flavours and formats to deliver exceptional flower and infused products to ensure high quality product offerings for our consumers.” — Dave Paterson, resident, Canada, Canopy Growth

New products rolling out under Canopy Growth’s flower portfolio include:

Tweed Distillate Infused

Bursting with flavour, Tweed Distillate Infused Pre-Rolls are available in two new flavours – Black Cherry Chronic and Outlandish Orange. Black Cherry Chronic is a high-THC Sativa that provides a perfect blend of sweet and tart for a robust flavour and 33-39 per cent THC. Outlandish Orange is a high-THC Sativa that delivers a bright and zesty burst of flavour with 33-39 per cent THC. Tweed Infusion Black Cherry Chronic and Outlandish Orange are available in 5×0.35g pre-roll packages.

7ACRES Burners

7ACRES Burners are designed to be the G.O.A.T of the pre-roll. Small batch grown with thoughtfully selected flavourful genetics comprised of a cross between Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien to create Alien Rock Candy. Offered in a 3×0.7g format with 26 – 32 per cent THC, these Burners are designed to deliver a slow and consistent burn. The unique filter design serves to optimize airflow enabling a smoother smoke to ensure the flavour of the true craft flower can be fully enjoyed.


Spectrum Red No 1

Spectrum Red No 1 pre-rolls emit a fruity and gassy aroma and flavour profile thanks to the product’s primary terpenes Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene*. With 22-28 per cent THC, the 20 masterfully pre-rolled 0.5g joints are the first large pack offering in the Spectrum range.

Spectrum Green

Spectrum Green pre-rolls are an indica leaning hybrid strain with low amounts of THC with 2-8 per cent and 10-16 per cent CBD. This strain is well-suited for those who would like to try THC for the first time, as well as experienced consumers looking to add CBD to their routine. Spectrum Green pre-rolls come in a 20×0.5g pack, and some associate spicy, woody, lemon, or fuel flavours with this strain.

Tweed and 7ACRES new pre-roll offerings are available for purchase via legal recreational cannabis e-commerce channels and retail locations in select regions. Spectrum products are available for purchase online at For more information, please visit Tweed7ACRESSpectrum Therapeutics.

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