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Dale Sky Jones Discusses Cannabis in Illinois at IACCAI Conference

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Oaksterdam University Chancellor Dale Sky Jones spoke at the 2023 IACCAI Conference, held Oct. 12-13 at Highland Community College in Freeport, Ill. The annual conference, organized by the Illinois Association of Community College Agriculture Instructors, is designed to bring educators together to network and discuss various topics relevant to the industry.

Oaksterdam was invited due to its partnership with Highland Community College. Oaksterdam curriculum is used in HCC’s Intro to Cannabis Course (AGOC 134), which features hybrid live and online instruction and uses OU’s The Budtender’s Guide” textbook. 

During her segment, Dale spoke about cannabis curriculum and career options. Her presentation included facts about the cannabis industry that are specific to Illinois, where cannabis became legal for adult use on Jan. 1, 2020. Today, Illinois has the third largest cannabis job market in the U.S., according to the 2023 Vangst Jobs Report.

Dale went over some specifics of Illinois cannabis cultivation policy:

  • Overseen by the Illinois Department of Agriculture and Department of Cannabis Regulation
  • Limited licenses
  • Ownership limited to 3 cultivation centers or craft grow facilities
  • Focus on equity and expungement

She covered the challenges faced by cannabis growers in addition to those in traditional agriculture:

  • Federally illegal
  • Disinformation
  • No safe banking
  • Taxes & 280e rule
  • High entry cost
  • Licensing & compliance
  • Extensive testing requirements
  • Predatory behavior

She also talked about Oaksterdam’s Commercial Horticulture Certification Course curriculum, which includes, in part:

  • Plant life cycle, from propagation to harvest
  • Soil science and microbiology
  • Organic & sustainable growing techniques
  • Large-scale cannabis farming practices, infrastructure & equipment
  • Lighting science & controls; ventilation & CO2 supplementation; electrical systems
  • Pests, pathogens & nutrient deficiencies

She closed with a look at some of what’s covered in The Budtender’s Guide:

  • History & Policy
  • Effects
  • Varieties & Horticulture
  • Products
  • Methods of Ingestion
  • Dosing
  • Safety & Efficacy

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