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Enjoying Your Enslavement

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Enjoying Your Enslavement

Excerpts from my book “An Unorthodox Truth”

Before we delve into this chapter, let’s consider two important questions: Why do we love our government? Why do we tolerate our rulers? One might argue that we don’t actually love them, we simply tolerate them. However, this explanation fails to address why we accept burdensome policies imposed on us.

To understand why we tolerate our government’s control over us, it is necessary to explore the etymology of the word “Government.” Etymology refers to the study of the origin and evolution of words. By examining the meaning behind the term, we can gain valuable insights.

According to

Government – The Biggest Scam in History,” the word “Government” can be translated to “Mind Control” in Latin. The root words “Gubenare” and “Mens/Mente” mean control and mind, respectively.

So, why do we tolerate those who seek to control our minds? It almost feels like we are part of a cult. When we closely examine the situation, we can see that this analogy is not far-fetched. Let’s explore the cult of statism, the belief in the legitimacy of the state’s authority.

Statism is a political doctrine that asserts the legitimacy of the state’s power, including its influence over economic and social policies. However, when we consider statism from Etienne’s perspective, we see that it is a completely indoctrinated belief system. It is taught to the majority of the public through government-controlled education and other institutions.

Statism can be seen as a pseudo-religious belief. The state or government is not a tangible entity but rather a supernatural concept that promises to create a better world for its believers. This belief system is ingrained in our minds through repeated practices and rituals.

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Just like religious practices, the repetition of certain habits reinforces the ideology of statism. Government employs various practices repeatedly to ensure its ideas become deeply ingrained in our subconsciousness. In the next chapter, we will explore how the education system plays a significant role in fostering this adoration for government.

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To draw a parallel with religious reverence, the government is treated as something holy and physical. In Christianity, for example, the Bible is considered divine and treated with utmost respect. Similarly, flags are used as symbolic tools to indoctrinate populations into the pseudo-religious cult of statism. In the United States, children are required to pledge allegiance to the flag from a young age. Organizations like the Cub Scouts and military academies further reinforce this artificial reverence through solemn rituals associated with flag handling.

The cover of Etienne’s book showcases young children displaying intense devotion to their country through the flag and the pledge of allegiance. This same passion, reminiscent of praying in church during childhood, is now directed towards their country.

Look at the children who appear to be praying to their country

In every religion, there is a physical representation, a temple, where one can witness the work of God. In the case of statism, this representation manifests in government buildings. If you have ever been to Washington D.C., you have unknowingly participated in a ritual of indoctrination into this religion. Etienne explains:

In the United States, many government schools, Scout troops, military trainings/postings, veteran’s groups, controlled opposition “protests”, etc. offer optional low-cost/price-supported trips to Washington D.C./“Mecca.”

Impressionable middle school kids/high-school students/scouts/recruits/soldiers are taken into the “cathedral” of the Capital building and the ‘temples’ along the Potomac and Mall and shown the ‘deities’ in solemn reverence. They are subtlety conditioned into the hidden religion of Statism.

Many of our everyday practices appear religious when seen from a different perspective. Our admiration for politicians parallels the role of priests, and the pledge resembles the Lord’s prayer. As we discussed earlier, schools can also function as churches, continuously indoctrinating us into the beliefs of the state.

Through this indoctrination, we become blind to the ways in which we are controlled. But before we delve into the techniques used to control us, let’s ponder the question: do we truly need a government?

someone looking at washington dc with a questioning mind
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