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Even as hype fades from the Canadian cannabis industry, jobs are plentiful

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A scan of public listings shows that cannabis producers and retailers across Canada continue to seek people to fill an array of positions, from budtenders to store managers to growers, QAPs, trimmers, production workers, lab managers, brand ambassadors, and more.

A recent position for an assistant store manager with a BC Cannabis Store offers a full-time salary of $57,297–$64,805 a year, while a starting position as a cannabis grower in Ontario is $17.50 an hour

A cannabis territory manager for the Vancouver area offers an annual salary of $66,000–$84,000. A part-time branch advisor position at the SQDC in Quebec is $20.25 an hour, while an assistant store manager with Cannabis NB starts at about $51,000 a year.

Williams Lake First Nation in BC is seeking a Budtender for their Unity Cannabis store in Penticton, while Banner Brands in Edmonton is looking for a Quality Assurance Lead.  Adastra Labs in Langley, BC, is seeking a Hydrocarbon Extraction Technician.

Among several job openings with the SQDC, the provincial cannabis retailer in Quebec is seeking a social media manager and an Organizational Development Advisor.

In addition to several retail jobs and management positions, Cannabis NB was recently hiring for a Store Manager. A cannabis producer in Ontario is seeking a grower. PEI Cannabis is often seeking part-time retail clerks and warehouse workers.

Not all jobs are working directly within the industry. Recently, BC was hiring secret shoppers for cannabis stores in the province to ensure budtenders at government-run stores are doing their jobs correctly. 

The work involves “placing cannabis purchases atop a retail counter and then observing whether the item is rung up correctly, and if the clerk expresses any thanks following the transaction,” reports the Vancouver Sun.

Alberta’s AGLC recently shared a similar job posting to conduct under-25 audits in cannabis stores, as well as licensed pubs, liquor stores, restaurants, and nightclubs, however, the position now appears to be filled

So, while news of layoffs and closures may make headlines for those interested in working in Canada’s cannabis industry, there are still many options!

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