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Fear, Freedom, and Answering the Call

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Fear, Freedom, and Answering the Call

By Bernhard Guenther

Seeking freedom and sovereignty only externally is futile as long as we have not learned to self-govern and self-rule. And this is the hardest part of the work for the resistance of our lower nature, ego, unconsciousness/shadow with layers of suppressed wounds/traumas, programs, conditioning, attachments, and various occult forces acting upon us is strong…very strong. There are distractions and temptations everywhere.

The inner conquest is a battle much harder than the outer battle. Hence, many people avoid it and externalize everything, caught in endless victim/perpetrator/rescuer cycles, fighting shadows on the wall as they kill and hurt each other.

We must have faith and patience, for we are still little children in light of our evolutionary stage during this Time of Transition. We cannot force the process, for the kingdom of heaven cannot be taken by storm. It can only be revealed by clearing and transmuting what is in the way of anchoring the Divine Light.

This process does require conscious inner work with sincere aspiration. Sincerity with self is key and also the hardest to establish, no matter what image we try to portray externally or even to ourselves. An intellectual understanding and pretense only result in spiritual bypassing and more lies to the self.

Be gentle with yourself, but don’t lie to yourself about what is necessary to truly awaken and live in the Divine as a fully spiritualized soul embodied Divine Being. But before we can become spiritualized and bring forth the soul/true self, we need to become individuated and fully integrated internally [which is the purpose of shadow work]. This step cannot be skipped. Trying it only results in spiritual bypassing.

Most people are still in the consensus state of hive mind existence, identified with certain groups, cultures, society, religions, ideologies, political parties, and flags, where most of their desires are also culturally/socially conditioned, or they are compensations due to [unconscious] trauma, insecurity, etc., like children in adult suits, trying to fill a bottomless hole.

Right now, during this phase of the “awakening” – which often implies a ‘shocking/rude’ awakening – millions of people are just starting their journey of individuation for the first time in their lifetimes. They are just barely getting out of the consensus state of the masses and herd consciousness, which is already challenging as it means letting go of old beliefs, what they “thought” they wanted, and attachments to past associations, friends, and even family – and most importantly, who they “thought” they were. It is a rebirth process—the old must die before the new emerges.

Others fall deeper into the abyss of disintegration and won’t come out of this life. We saw it happening over the past three years, and is even more intensifying. There is nothing wrong with this, for all there is are lessons in the bigger picture of the evolution of consciousness. Some need more lifetimes until the soul is ripe enough to embark on the individuation process consciously.

It’s part and the reason for the “splitting of humanity” prophesized by various esoteric traditions [not to be confused with the artificial Divide & Conquer agenda]. It requires the necessary phase of loneliness to establish healthy solitude and an orientation towards the inner life so we stop grasping externally.

Wherever you are on your journey and evolutionary trajectory, know that there is a bigger plan unfolding, which you are part of; it’s the Divine plan, and no human will can override it. The task is to align our little personal will with Divine Will, which is easier said than done due to the aforementioned [inner] resistance.

We still have a long road and adventure ahead of us and work to do. But it is the very reason we came here for and participate in. The only way out is in and through.

The Task Ahead

The Great Work of soul embodiment/individuation and deep psycho-spiritual work to find the truth of your Being to anchor the Divine Force within as a transducer for Divine Will is the most important work and task over the next years before the window closes during this Time of Transition.

Soul Embodiment IS the antidote to the Soul Harvesting Agenda.

Many are called. Few choose to answer the call. Too many are still distracted by the shadows on the wall via externalizing everything and not seeing the deeper and larger lessons in light of the evolution of consciousness. Or they let inertia, excuses, laziness, short attention span, and mindless distractions get in the way of what is most important. Remember, the moment you are born, you live on borrowed time.

There is also much unknown, and it is in the hands of the Divine, for no one can see with the “eye of the Divine.” So we need faith and trust but not blind faith/trust. We need to use and engage the will to engage in the work with a warrior spirit, for there are many forces vectoring us away from Truth and Self.

The future is not yet set in stone, but we are in for a wild ride, which has only just begun. The past three years were just the opening act. Don’t let fear, worry, doom, and gloom overcome you, for that is what draws these forces in, and they want you to indulge in fear.

But don’t underestimate what is at stake, either. We have work to do, for this is a battle over our souls, literally, but rejoice as the spiritual warrior you came here for in service to the Divine.

They Want You To Be Afraid

Whatever happens or whatever you “think” will happen, remember that FEAR is your only enemy, for fear is the matrix frequency that attracts the hostile forces that feed upon it as it weakens your life force and connection to the Divine.

They want you to be afraid. Afraid of war. Fearful of an attack. Afraid of “others.” When you are in fear, you are easily controlled. Behind hate, blind anger, the cry for retaliation, and violence is fear also.

Any fear that you have is rooted in the fear of death, which keeps you from truly living. The matrix entrapment frequency is based on FEAR. It manipulates you unconsciously and keeps you entrapped out of your own “free will.” When you are in fear, you are most vulnerable to occult entities and your strings being pulled by seen and unseen forces.

The matrix forces want to keep you chained to fear: It disconnects you from your divine power, true self, essence, creativity, inner guidance, intuition, and freedom. Fear keeps you looking outside for guidance. Fear is the foundation of authoritarian followers.

Danger can be real, but fear is a choice, most often an unconscious choice linked to our animal nature.

But not only the obvious mainstream media, Big Pharma and government institutions perpetuate the fear to keep people in line. It’s also religious dogma that has been used for thousands of years for social control, telling you to “fear God” with the corrupted idea that God “rewards” and “punishes” – a matrix program in itself.

Many people who started as sincere truth seekers have also become infected with the wetiko fear contagion. They are lost in the doom and gloom, fear projection of the future, trapped in disempowerment and paranoia.

But it’s not easy to become “fearless,” for most of it runs unconsciously. Many people mask it with a tough exterior or addictions and distractions, anything to avoid facing and feeling that empty hole within – merely compensating for deep-rooted fear and insecurity mostly based on unconscious trauma and shadow aspects.

Fear makes people identify with groups, beliefs, and ideologies.

The only place free from any fear is your true Self, your essence, hidden deep within you, beyond the ego personality you think you are with all its conditioned desires and beliefs. It is not attached to “bad” or “good” experiences.

The more you live from essence, your Self-energy, and make the ego personality a clearer instrument/vessel for it, the less you will live in fear, the less any matrix forces have any effect on you, and the more you are aligned with Divine Will as you become His unique instrument, living out your intended soul purpose.

It’s the ONLY place where true freedom, abundance, love, and joy can be experienced, and it will be reflected in your life.

When you have conquered the fear of death, which entails dying to your old [false] self, you have found the true freedom to live. It is symbolized as the “holy grail” or “philosopher’s stone”, the “second birth”, the [inner] alchemical transmutation from lead (ego) to gold (true Self). It is a rebirth process of facing the dark within, for the “cave that you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek,” as Joseph Campbell said.

It’s the aim of the Great Work.

It’s not an overnight process, and no steps can be skipped. It spans over lifetimes, and it is different for each of us. But at one point in an incarnation, the soul is “ripe” enough as the true Self makes its call from the depth of its being and engages in the work consciously, aspiring and surrendering to the Divine.

You signed up for this a long time ago. See it as a magnificent opportunity for a real Awakening. Remember your mission and, most importantly, remember your Self, the eternal “you,” not that outer persona you mistake for the true self.

It’s up to you to answer the call.

“It is impossible to truly love life as long as one fears death.
The more a person lives with gusto and joy, the less he or she fears death.
The more people shrink in fear of death, the more they cling to life,
not because they enjoy life or because they are dynamically related to it, but in order to avoid death.
Such people really do not live at all.
Every aspect of living follows this principle.
If you desire health in fear of sickness, you prevent health.
If you fear the aging process, you prevent eternal youth.
If you fear poverty, you prevent abundance.
If you fear loneliness, you prevent real companionship.
If you fear companionship, you prevent self-containment.
So it goes on and on…”

– Eva Pierrakos

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