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Help a ‘Brother’ out – Quiet Bear can use your Loving Assistance

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Help a ‘Brother’ out –

Quiet Bear can use your Loving Assistance

The Bear Truth

We are asking for help for Michael Gibbons, whose spiritual shamanic name is Quiet Bear. Quiet Bear has been in service to humanity and Mother Earth all of his life. By the time he was eighteen, he had saved four lives, served as a volunteer Fireman, worked in Law Enforcement, and served his country in the United States Air Force. Spiritually, he continued such work until 1989, when he became a shaman after seven intense years of formal study, and is proud to live under the teachings of the Twisted Hair Elders ( In the course of all this work, he has experienced four near-death experiences, and each time was sent back by God, to complete work he has been asked to do.

On 12/16/23 he experienced his fourth near-death experience. He was rushed to the hospital with fluid around his heart and in his lungs, his kidneys and liver failing. Against all odds, Quiet Bear has made a miraculous recovery, leaving his team of doctors and nurses stunned. He is now known around the hospital as “The Bear” due to his amazingly fast healing and the sheer strength he has shown in the face of death, as well as a reference to his shamanic name. During this fourth time Jesus Christ communicated with him, and asked him to return, to continue his important work. While in the hospital for his 20-day stay, he also underwent a 12-hour surgery to save his leg and underwent the amputation of his great and second toes.

During his time in the hospital, he and his wife, Marcela were evicted from their present rental due to inconveniences claimed by the landlady, that she claimed to be caused by all of these extenuating circumstances. QuietBear is now in great need of financial assistance to help cover his medical bills, as well as the unexpected moving costs. Any assistance you can find it in your heart to give, will be both deeply appreciated as well as blessed, as it will support the important work he has been sent back to do for us all.

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This post was originally published by our media partner here.