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How EMFs are altering our native environment

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By Roman & Bohdanna

Would you be able to survive in Space without a space suit?

What if we were losing Earth’s protection from Space as its magnetosphere weakens?

How would you construct a suit of armor to shield you?

If you haven’t been living under an asteroid, you may have noticed that humanity has been under a tremendous assault – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Our bodies are continuously battling against metals being sprayed on us and injected into us.

We find ourselves in a no-mans-land between the trench of control, and the trench of an unknown future.

Humanity has been laid bare on the High priests’ technocratic butcher block.

Since we’ve been dressed down, we might as well expose our true selves to our Higher Power.

The Sun silently beckons us to bring to light our harms, lest we may be healed.


Skin: our ancestors’ sunscreen

We were all born naked.

Some of our ancestors had very little clothing, while some donned hats. Indigenous people didn’t wear sunscreen, and they didn’t have sunglasses to “protect” them from nature. They were nature.

How did we survive and reproduce all this time without spraying ourselves down with sun screening chemicals?

If levels of vitamin D are chronically low, why do so many suffer from skin cancer?

How to Fight Skin Cancer with UV Light

How to Fight Skin Cancer with UV Light

Why are skin cancers more prevalent in higher latitudes in places like Sweden, where UV is lower?

In this article, I’ll discuss how skin is our ultimate SPF, as it not only protects us, but absorbs UV into energy we use as our protector against darker forces.

We’re all astronauts now.

For thousands of years, we lived within Earth’s protective veil and electrical envelope. Earth’s envelope kept our brains beating to a steady rhythmic frequency of 8-30 hz (cycles per second).

Today we don’t need to win a Space Race, our racing thoughts can’t keep up anymore with life on Earth. Wi-Fi synchronizes us to an alien clock, as its frequencies bombard our minds at 2.5 billion cycles per second.

Space is notoriously high in non-native electromagnetic field (nnEMF) radiation- similar to those we have here on Earth from Wi-Fi and 5G.

How can we make our own spacesuit in order to live on Earth?

Melanin is the shield and solar panel of our skin. Melanin transforms 99.9 % of absorbed sunlight into heat, and this greatly reduces the skin cancer risk.1 It also enhances the amount of infrared we can receive from the Sun. Infrared light is present in 40% of the solar spectrum all year, and drives the engine of our metabolism.2

Melanin is so efficient in absorbing radiation that samples are headed to the International Space Station to test their shielding ability, to determine whether it’s more effective than lead at protecting satellites and electronics.3

cross section of our skin – epidermis: our outermost layer
The mainstream believes melanin’s true purpose is to protect us from damaging UV (ultraviolet) rays. They’ll tell you it’s a pigment that gives our eyes and skin their color.

Those are only half-truths, which fail to explain melanin’s ultimate superpower.

UV light builds the battery of our body. Each morning our skin and eyes are designed to harvest this light so that our electrons can be used by enzymes such as NAD+ to combat free radicals.

UV allows us to create and absorb certain amino acids such as tyrosine, which ultimately get converted to crucial hormones such as dopamine and melanin.

credit: Alexander Wunsch


“For this mechanism to tune properly,  you first need AM balanced light in the visible spectrum that has no UV light present.” (aka get out for the Sunrise!)

Melanin is on average about 800nm thick – close to the size of bacteria, or a circuit on a computer chip. Our melanin uses the light around us to not only give us a gorgeous tan, but also works as a power surge protector and battery bank.

EMFs harm us by disrupting the way our bodies use calcium. Heart attacks have been more common since the advent of wireless technology such as radio4, as our hearts have some of the largest stores of calcium.

Melanin is an ion exchanger, as well as an intracellular buffering system for calcium. Basically melanin helps us use calcium more efficiently.

Our battery bank:

Melanin lends out electrons to places that need them

Oxidative stress occurs when we don’t have enough electrons to donate to free radicals. Melanin is our electron bank and donor. As our bodies encounter a “power surge” from metals around us in the atmosphere, along with highly reactive metals that are created from EMFs, melanin is able to then bind itself to these metals, making them less harmful.

In this high frequency world of EMFs and toxic soup of nanoparticles, melanin is our protection.

Melanin is our skin’s computer chip and electrical semiconductor:


EMFs from devices and Wi-Fi impair the way we live and breathe by disrupting how our cells use oxygen.

Iron (Fe) is what makes our blood red, and is found in hemoglobin, the protein in our red blood cells that carries oxygen to our body’s organs and tissues.

Iron is bound to hemoglobin – how we get oxygen


EMFs have been shown to affect the way we store and use iron in our body.5

Cells that have a high level of free iron are more vulnerable to EMF. Cancer cells and cells undergoing abnormal proliferation (multiplication) have higher concentrations of free iron because they uptake more iron, as a result storing iron less efficiently. Melanin acts as a “heavy metal sink” , or reservoir, that is able to efficiently store metals such as iron.

Magnetic fields will also create what’s called a “Fenton reaction” whereupon EMFs act on iron and create stress on our cells in the form of free radicals.

The Fenton Reaction – Roman Shapoval


Many of us know that our T cells help us fight disease. But most don’t know that these types of white blood cells are inherently magnetic because of the amount of ferritin (iron) they contain.

T cells can become “magnetically frozen” to pathogenic free radicals and oxidized iron from the EMF signals to which they react.  This action magnetically locks them onto their target, and results in the T cell killing of the invader pathogen.6

But what if we have too much iron in our blood from ferritin nanoparticles that are used in vaccines?7 Could these T cells become chronically frozen and rendered ineffective?

Good news: UV solar exposure unlocks the T cells’ magnetic grip and allows the cells to limit the cytotoxic damage to our organs.8

EMFs keep our immune system chronically “locked”. Thanks to Jack Kruse for helping me think about EMFs in this way.

It’s no secret that nanoparticles and heavy metals have been discovered in the experimental injections for SARS-CoV-2.9 10 11 12 . Here’s an update from


2nd Smartest Guy in the World
FDA confirms Graphene Oxide is in the mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines after being forced to publish Confidential Pfizer Documents by order of the US Federal Court
Is it any wonder why the Pentagon and DoD were running this slow kill bioweapon program along with the CIA, WHO, Gates, et al.? We also now know that graphene oxide is a cytotoxic carcinogen, which amplifies turbo cancers when factoring p53 protein suppression by the cytotoxic spike protein as well as the highly carcinogenic…

is one of many independent journalists who has documented how the National Institutes of Health (NIH) sponsored bioweapons research of vaccine nanotechnology:

A 2017 patent filed by MIT, Harvard, and The Children’s Medical Center of Boston. credit: Karen Kingston’s Substack

The lipid nanoparticle (LNPs) above is able to access our cells and harm us since it is a positively-charged ion, otherwise known as a cation. Cations will migrate to cells that have a negative charge, robbing them of other free electrons. An excess in this positive charge can lead to free radicals and inflammation.

Remember the example of how melanin serves as a battery bank? This happens as melanin can donate electrons to cations. Heavy metal cations, such as copper, lead, lanthanum, iron, and even uranium bind to melanin. 13

Melanin is able to accumulate these metal cations and then, under certain conditions, release them.

“Melanin enables, storage, release and exchange – and the ability of melanin to strongly bind and sequester reactive metals thereby mitigates their possible role in inducing oxidative stress.” (Hong, L. 2007)

A note on zeta potential and charge

These LNPs can also become highly negatively charged, increasing what is called zeta potential. When this zeta potential (or difference in charge) is higher, this can cause LNPs to travel and wreak havoc on different organs, and negatively affect our blood, potentially leading to clots.

For more information on LNPs, head on over to this article by biotech process manager


I also cover how we can help to normalize the zeta potential in our blood through grounding here: How Grounding Heals EMF Damage.

Melanin’s Heat: Destroyer and Life-Giver

Much of the research into nanotechnology has been purported to be for our benefit. Big Medicine claims they are trying to find a way to kill cancer cells using the heat that is generated from EMFs that target injected nanoparticles.

For instance, when an EMF is directed toward a gold nanoparticle in a cencer cell, it destroys it. However EMFs also destroy normal cells that contain these nanoparticles.

We don’t need this “cure.”

God and Mother Nature already gave our bodies this technology.

Melanin not only absorbs UV radiation, it transforms this energy into heat our bodies can use.

Melanin is able to transform 99.9 percent of absorbed sunlight into heat, and this greatly reduces the skin cancer risk.

– Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D.

Skin cancer cells actually produce a lot of melanin as part of the immune response. This makes sense, as cancer cells make excess iron, and melanin is able to absorb and distribute iron so it does not accumulate and poison surrounding cells.

Remember: melanin comes from tyrosine, and tyrosine is absorbed when we get out into UV light. Look up the UV index in your area (locator), and when it hits an index reading of 1, get outside.

You can preferably already be outside, as the blue light and infrared rays prime our skin for the more intense UV. However UV is still relatively gentle in the AM. For example, I try to get out at least 30 minutes (bare minimum) between the hours of 9-11am. The UV light for melanin production is in the environment this time.

Melanin absorbs best from 220-300nm (nanometers)

Another reason to eat pasta (like I need another one)

Melanin is found everywhere in our environment. Mushrooms, black sesame seeds, and many other dark foods contain this miracle molecule. Black rabbit hair is also found to contain a lot of melanin. However

The ink from the cuttlefish (actually a type of octopus) is one of the richest sources. This ink is abundant in the “feel-good” hormone dopamine as well, which is a precursor to melanin.

Squid-ink pasta anyone?

How could anything that cute be bad for you?

What confirms melanin’s incredible implications for me is the fact that it is currently being heavily researched by the military, space agencies, and the tech sector.14

Here are some fields where melanin’s use is being investigated:

Bio electronics, protonic devices, edible devices (what?) and transient electronics.

We can guess how technocrats will use melanin: to further an agenda of control.

Isn’t it time we learn how to use this ancestral technology, so that we can further our own plans for global Freedom?

In times when our bodies are under assault, we need more spiritual nutrition to stay human.

We write about how to use all the free tools we’ve taken for granted:

  • Light
  • Time
  • Breath
  • Sleep

Our most potent internal medicine: the relationship we have with ourselves.

Join us!

You are more powerful than you know,

Roman & Bohdanna

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