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How to Turn Wrongness to Rightness

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by Vernon Howard

How to Turn Wrongness to Rightness

“You ask, is there a life in which I can be really happy? You ask is

there a question where I can be secure? You ask is there a way in which

there isn’t this constant fighting and bickering, inside and outside?

You ask the question whether that can possibly exist and you don’t even

know you don’t want the alternative to fighting.

If someone offered you in one second the complete answers to your life,

all your answers to your problems, you would reject it. This requires a

little bit of investigation. A little bit? Endless deep investigation as

to why we say one thing but do another.

You say you want out of your own trap; you don’t want out or you would

have found it. The answer to that question, that problem, simply is

that you don’t mean it when you say you want to be happy, that you want

to be free. What you are saying, listen to this, what you’re saying is

that you want your way.

You want your idea of what it means to be happy. And your idea of what

it means to be happy is to have a million dollars and to win all the

women you want or to have that power and prestige and influence. Don’t

you dare ever again say you want to be happy until you do a little

investigation into what your notion of happiness is. You do that and

you’ll come up with a very healthy shock in which you see for yourself

that you don’t really mean it.

When you get that deep inside yourself, you’re on the right track toward

doing what is true, what is correct to giving yourself a life that is

utterly different from what you have now. You know very well – without me

telling you, I did tell you – but you know how much you quarrel with

yourself, how much you quarrel with others. You know how shaky you are.

Why does it continue from day to day? Because you don’t really mean it

when you say you want peace of mind.

If you really had peace of mind, you wouldn’t have your old ways and

that’s what you cling to, that’s what you really treasure. You don’t

want to be happy, you want agitation that you call something good for


Have I not so far in just these few minutes described your life, that

you’re constantly crying out saying give me something new, give me

something different but you won’t do what is necessary to find it – and

I assure you that it can be found.”

”Mother of Pines”

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