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Identity Crisis and Overthrow – It’s All the Same People

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Identity Crisis and Overthrow

– It’s All the Same People

by Political Moonshine

Since Donald J. Trump declared in 2015, it’s been clear to anyone not living under a rock that a feral, invasive and perilous carnivore called Marxist communism has invaded to progressively rip the Republic to shreds. In a remarkable feat of unmitigated political projection, the charges of “Russian collusion” were borne out of a campaign destined to fail from a candidate no one wanted for president: Hillary Clinton. At the time, it was all authorized by the president and his CIA director; Barack Obama and John Brennan, respectively.

History tells us that Marxism is a formidable carnivore with the capacity to devour men and vanquish a nation to a bone pile stripped of flesh and where absolute tyranny is king of the jungle.

Marxism has nearly reduced this former Republic to sinew and bones such that in no way does it resemble what the Founders left us or what millions have perished defending.

The brutish and beastly savage of Marxism has a handler which has clutched its reins with an iron fisted grip since no later than 1963; once a problematic Executive was factored-out of the equation to begin the incremental transition.

John F. Kennedy’s assassination was the contextual introduction to the contemporary head of the snake, George H. W. Bush, and more recently where the factual attribution of JFK’s assassination has been assigned to the IC/CIA.

Where the beast of Marxism stands, at its feet you’ll find the snake of GHWB slithering in the grass.

GHWB was embedded in the Kennedy operations before joining CIA in an official capacity; later ascending to its directorship and then to the vice presidency before coming to occupy the Executive.

It was GHWB who created the Executive/Intelligence Community interface that permitted the IC to supersede the Executive in the hierarchical power structure of the nation; both in the light and in the shadows.

Everything we’ve seen today is borne out of that history and rests on a political continuum managed by the IC that I’ve branded ‘Dynastic Bush.’

Therein, all of the usual suspects are found save one: the single greatest threat to them, Donald J. Trump.

The deep and broad Moonshine analysis examines Dynastic Bush to identify plans, blueprints or schematics; whatever you prefer to call them, to effectuate the conversion to Marxism where things accelerated tremendously with 9/11.

Understand that such plans require individuals and teams to operate and execute them; and this bears a question that everyone should ask and reconcile: Do we have an identity crisis where the purveyors of Marxism and the forced transition to it have been the same people this whole time?

We ask this question while embarking on the most important year in U.S. history as it lies before us with an election on the back-end; and we do this from a position of having been terrorized and driven into a corner to stare the Marxist beast in the teeth.

We learned in 2020 that “elections” more accurately present as “selections” that interface with matters of crisis.

Matters of crisis include fake “pandemics” that are necessary to intercede on federalism in order to fraudulently determine the occupier of the Executive and who serves as the next CEO of the Corporation of the United States.

It used to be that the corrupt and criminal U.S. politburo was content to just steal elections in order to steal everything else material for themselves.

It has now come to be; however, that complacency, disastisfaction and boredom have seemingly set-in causing the politburo to decide that owning everything just wasn’t enough.

Nope, not for the creatures of this ilk.

Rather, they sought something greater with the enslavement of The People and they needed a stolen election to capture the Executive because slave masters don’t rule from the slaves’ quarters.

So, they set-out to take something that wasn’t theirs and they faked’ a “pandemic” to do it.

The “pandemic” was an act of biowarfare designed to terrorize and depopulate remembering that you can’t have a “PANdemIC” without the word “panic.”

Anthony Fauci said it best: “It’s the fear of the unknown which causes the panic.”

Those are the words of a “vaccine” salesman and a monster of Eugenics driving a depopulation agenda; not of someone giving fidelity to the words penned by Hippocrates in Of the Epidemics: “First, do no harm.”

Sidebar I – Despite popular belief, the phrase “First, do no harm” does not appear in the Hippocratic Oath.

Sidebar II – The evidence clearly implicates scandalous Harvard University, which was cited above relative to Hippocrates; and which includes this bit of evil to justify crimes against humanity at the hands of a pharma, medical and healthcare establishment that went off the rails and told Hippocrates to go to hell long ago:

“The fact is that when difficult, real-time decisions must be made, it’s hard to apply the “first, do no harm” dictum because estimates of risk and benefit are so uncertain and prone to error” [Robert H. Shmerling, MD, Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing; Editorial Advisory Board Member, Harvard Health Publishing].

So, when things get “difficult,” like during a fake “PANdemIC” of their own design and execution, they can simply decide not to apply “first, do no harm” dictum in order to do whatever the hell they want; like doing actual harm with mRNA injections that pose great “risk” because the protocols to “estimate” that “risk” were circumvented by enterprise fraud thus causing the mRNA bioweapons to be “prone to error” in the deadliest of ways.

With Hippocrates conveniently cast aside in irrelevance and in deference to this new version of the modern world where the ends always justify the means, it’s “first, do no harm” unless you coalesced with Bill Gates to determine that the planet has too many people and a bunch have to go right now.

Panicked people look here – scary virus!

Don’t look here – we’re stealing the Executive.

Definitely don’t look here – we’re killing you with mRNA bioweapons that we forced upon you and then enslaving those who survive it.

It all sounds crazy right up until you run it all down and I ran it all down to about every granular detail you can name in a massive catalog of analysis.

Running it all down included the U.S. Department of Defense mRNA contracts and the Bidens’ direct connection to U.S. DoD biolabs in Ukraine specifically working on “COVID-19” and SARS-CoV-2 before the term “COVID-19” was ever conceived and introduced to the world.

As Dr. David E. Martin routinely asks, “How can you have a thing before you have a thing?”

Easy answer: You can have a thing before you have a thing when the thing is planned, the plans are on paper and the thing’s introduction is scheduled for a later time; like right before an election.

The analysis includes laying-out myriad IC operational plans, schematics, blueprints, etc.; whatever you wish to call them, that were deployed by the IC to literally shape our reality towards designed ends.

Recall that such plans require personnel to operate and execute.

This bears a question: Would it be problematic at a fundamental level if the operators and executors were the same people who transition on the political continuum from operation to operation as functionaries for Dynastic Bush?

That would of course be problematic and it is indeed the case meaning that the U.S. overthrow and conversion to Marxist communism has an identity crisis because IT’S ALL THE SAME PEOPLE.

Those on the topside of terra firma sans earmuffs and blinders already know that IT’S ALL THE SAME PEOPLE, but the granular details matter.

Consider this recently posted by @DschlopesIsBack:

@DschlopesIsBack’s “what if” questions frame the understanding for how these operators function to conceal and cover-up or, in a worst-case scenario, steer the always problematic “unavoidable circumstances” to the most desired landing spot; knowing that the SBF/FTX prosecution is another perfect example of doing this.

When you look at who has hands on the steering wheel, IT’S ALL THE SAME PEOPLE.

Now consider this from Sundance at Conservative Treehouse:

“I have long been saying the Jack Smith special counsel team is the reassembly of the Robert Mueller team.  Today, inside an article {SEE HERE} outlining other ancillary matters about the 2020 election challenges, Politico inadvertently confirmed my suspicions…The Clinton exoneration FBI Team became the Trump investigation FBI Team (Crossfire Hurricane) -which then became the Robert Mueller FBI Team (exact same people, plus some additions) – which then became the J6 Investigation FBI Team (exact same people, plus some additions) – which then became the Jack Smith FBI Team (same exact people).  Not only is it one long continuum, but it’s also the EXACT SAME PEOPLE.”

It’s all these things: Marxist communism, plans, blueprints, schematics, lawfare operators, executors, targets, overthrow, enslavement and more.

Within all of those things, IT’S ALL THE SAME PEOPLE and that is fundamentally problematic to the posterity of the nation.

The good news about the identity crisis is this: If as one, The People can mangage to discern and reconcile the broader truth in order to pull itself up by its bootstraps and embrace its collective spirit and revolutionary heritage, prosecuting evil to the fullest extent of the law becomes a much cleaner and efficient endeavor because an examination of all the plausible defendants indicates that IT’S ALL THE SAME PEOPLE.

Therefore and as one, we The People are the sole author of the binary ending to this evil saga: ALL THE SAME PEOPLE BECOME OUR SLAVE MASTERS -or- ALL THE SAME PEOPLE ARE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.

I pray that we decide wisely.



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This post was originally published by our media partner here.

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