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Imagination: Your Door to Hyper-Dimensional Realities

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Imagination: Your Door to Hyper-Dimensional Realities

by Susan Ferguson

A veil of illusion lies over this planet. For the past 6,000 years, we in human flesh and blood have been mired in a miasma of amnesia. This collective forgetting has left us relegated to the limitations of the five senses.

Refusing or unable to see that we are but a fragment of what we once were, we are descending further and further into the stupor of density. Until we begin to accept the possibility that we are not in fact making progress, that we are not evolving, we will remain as slaves faced with an ever narrowing frequency of expression, dull and diminished, controlled lives.

Courageous souls through the centuries have labored to reveal ‘hidden’ realities and have tried to encourage others to see them by exposing the mechanics of our invisible prison. While many people have become aware, most remain in ignorance – and even those who do know the truth often feel powerless in the face of the accelerating movement towards an uncertain future.

So what can we do?

Those of us who have the Will to do so must begin to access the hidden realities within and build a higher consciousness on this, our planet. We cannot defeat the Darkside from without. It is all too obvious that they are too powerful. Anger and hatred only increase in intensity, and make our lives worse. Rather we must go within and create energies of a higher frequency so pure and powerful as to balance and eventually, neutralize and dissolve the Lords of Tyranny.

The word IMAGINATION remains undefined. No one knows what imagination is or where it comes from, or why some have more than others. Those of who are born with the gift of sight, who are sensitive to the invisible realms, are often ridiculed – and because they want to be normal, to be loved, they shut down their God-given abilities.

How many of you had imaginary friends as children?

What do you think that was?

If we along with our children watch TV for untold hours, what chance will imagination have to flourish? Our future will be reduced and limited to those experiences, which have been programmed and formulated by our controllers, which guarantee a numbing somnolence, selective forgetfulness, and Mall World profits.

Our imaginations will never stretch beyond our corporate media programmers. We will become more malleable and more manipulated, dull, and worse – boring.

The billion-dollar drug industry provides an endless array of life-style-drugs to smooth things out. These unnatural molecules shut down our imagination. The vast array of toxic chemicals – preservatives, insecticides, and 1000s of others – in our food, air, & water serve to further shut us off from the Invisible Realms because they confuse our endocrine system.

The Eye of the Mind, or as it is known in eastern metaphysics, the Third Eye, is nourished and activated by our hormones especially from the pineal and pituitary glands. Your focused concentration in a meditative state causes these glands to emit specific molecules, which open your consciousness to the Invisible Realms.

On the highest level, a truly perfected imagination will even allow you to merge with the image in your mind. In other words, you can become ONE with what you focus on – which means that you become the precise vibratory frequency of your focus by lifting your consciousness to that rate.

Your imagination is your door to hyper-dimensional realities and the key to all creativity.

Every great piece of classical music comes from traditional folk melodies. This folk music emerges naturally from people who live close to the earth and the sky. Sadly, our western culture is being used to conquer and choke every remnant of rural individual expression all across this planet. How much longer will such music of the earth find expression? Soon everyone will watch identical television programs, wear identical clothes, sing identical songs, think identical thoughts – to perhaps one day join our voices in the sacred anthem to Mall World.

The sooner the multinational corporations can get into these innocent places and stop this kind ‘living imagination’ – the better for their profit margins. These so-called ignorant people will be so much happier when they have jobs and can consume mass quantities of stuff – and forget about their spirit gods, their visions, their ancestors, and any such nonsense.

I pause to assert that I personally have nothing against entrepreneurship or capitalism – unless and until it becomes tyranny and used to strangle the creative possibilities of the beings residing here on planet Earth. I neither hate civilization nor science, but I have come to understand its limitations, its confusion.

How many of you have been laughed at for your imagination? How many of us conceal our visions to avoid the pain of ridicule? The monopoly media conditions our levels of acceptance at every turn.

Imagine for a moment that you could travel through dimensions, through space and time, and explore creation in all its myriad forms. This ability is natural to us all and is our God-given right.

How could it be possible that with over 300 million galaxies out there, we humans are all there is?  How could it happen that we here on planet Earth – who for the past 6,000 years, all of written history, cannot stop killing, torturing, suppressing, and stealing from one another – are the only life forms in all of space? How could it be that within the vast amazing, awesome, perfection of the Creator’s endless mind-defying Beauty that we, lost in our miasma of amnesia, we, are all there is?

In the mechanics of the Invisible Realms, location is a function of consciousness. You are precisely where your consciousness is – exactly. Lift your consciousness and you will be beyond the reach of any and all unpleasant forms. When you move through the Invisible Realms, you don’t have to get stuck anywhere – unless you want to. Location is a direct result of consciousness.

There are many, many layers of holographic realities connected to this planet from the millions of years of thought as life experiences, religions, philosophies, etc. You could spend your time checking these realities out, if you want to. You will be attracted to and magnetized by your own proclivities developed over all your lives.

Remember this is not the only planet and that you may find yourself somewhere else. Watch out for noisy advertisers! – and don’t get stuck unless it is your choice.

There is no ‘one way’ to do this. Listen to your own intuitive reason, your own discreet imagination. Your imagination is the door to hyper-dimensional realities. There are as many ways to go Home as there are you.

Copyright© V. Susan Ferguson


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