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Inventing the Nature of “Viruses”

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by Michael McKay

“No viruses have been found multiplying free in nature.”

-Virologist Thomas Rivers, Reflections on a Life in Medicine and Science : An Oral History Memoir

In the mid-20th Century it was looking bleak for the Virus-Advocates & Germ Theory Enthusiasts.

They were faced with many failed experiments in their attempts to prove that viruses existed or could cause diseases as well as many contradictory ideas of what “viruses” were.

So, since they had ZERO evidence they simply reinvented the “virus concept” to suit their desire to make it appear to be real. It’s quite a story.

The reason there were so many contradictory ideas about ‘what is the nature of a “virus” ‘ was a direct result of the fact that the researchers never had a physical entity on hand in order to study. They could never find a physical “virus.”

The idea of a “virus” was nothing more than a fluid concept that was open to the interpretation by those who claimed to be “working with them” when they had, in fact, never found them physically in the first place.

Most of these researchers came from a bacteriological or chemistry background, and thus, they viewed the “virus” concept through their own lens and paradigms.

Regardless, there was – and still is today – no way to actually determine the true nature of something that cannot be seen or studied in reality and that only exists within the realms of the imagination.

Mike Stone of takes you through the history and – step-by-step – presents how the whole “virus concept” was made up – and has no basis in fact.

I Highly Recommend this important article which you can read HERE.

This post was originally published on from Randy Rowe and can viewed here:

This post was originally published by our media partner here.

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