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LDB warehouse making changes to improve product freshness

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BC is updating its rules for how long cannabis can sit in its warehouse before it will be returned to the producer. 

In a notice sent out to producers on Friday, May 17, the British Columbia LDB wholesale division noted upcoming changes to the inventory thresholds for licensed producers. This means changes to the maximum storage time at the LDB distribution centre in Richmond and a new maximum age limit at the time of delivery to the LDB distribution centre. 

The stated intent of these changes is to improve product freshness. The change will also likely allow the LDB to maximize storage space in their 70,000 square-foot warehouse. There are more than 125 licensed cannabis producers registered to do business with the LDB.

Under the new rules, which the LDB will begin using in November 2024, cannabis flower, pre-rolls (including infused), and cannabis edibles products must be delivered to the LDB distribution centre within three months from the packaging date. Inventory of these products will be held for a maximum of six months from the date it is received by the LDB.

Other categories of cannabis products will be required to be delivered within five months from the packaging date. These categories will be held for a maximum of nine months from arrival at the LDB distribution centre.

Inventory that exceeds these timelines will be put on hold and returned to the producer. Any products that exceed the age limit at the time of delivery will be required to be pre-approved by the LDB demand planner.

Producers selling into BC must also provide the LDB with an estimated minimum shelf life before being registered for sale. Products with a Best Before Date or Expiry Date printed on the label must be delivered to the LDB with at least six months remaining until the stated Best Before or Expiry Date.

The BC Cannabis Customer Care Centre also recently updated their business operating hours, and are now closed on Saturday.

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