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Oaksterdam Publishes Cannabis Style Guide

Media Partners, Oaksterdam University

This post is presented by our media partner Oaksterdam University
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Oaksterdam University has released the first-ever definitive guide of standards for writing about cannabis in academia, media, public relations. In addition to professional writers, the guide is also useful for industry leaders, job seekers, and anyone who wants to speak about cannabis in an educated, socially responsible manner. 

The 2024 Oaksterdam University Cannabis Style Guide is available as a Kindle e-book ($5.99) and paperback ($9.99) published by Oaksterdam Press. The 44-page style guide outlines proper terminology, definitions, and grammar for anyone who writes about cannabis and hemp. “We are laying the foundation for a safe, responsible, and equitable industry by implementing proper terminology,” says Oaksterdam University Executive Chancellor Dale Sky Jones. “How we communicate about cannabis and consumers has consequences. Words matter.” 

More than ever,  media outlets are reporting on all facets of the cannabis industry, requiring common-use definitions of the terms and concepts core to writing about its complexities. This isn’t a simple subject; more than 80 years of Prohibition have muddled knowledge of the plant’s taxonomy, therapeutic use, cultivation, culture, history, law, and scientific study. There have been no common style standards for writing about this industry.

This Style Guide was composed and edited by the experts at Oaksterdam University and will evolve with use, so we encourage your feedback, input, questions, and requests for clarification. Journalists, media, PR professionals and academia may use this guide to supplement the AP Style Guide and The Chicago Manual of Style

The Oaksterdam Cannabis Style Guide features:

— Instructions on when and how to use the terms “hemp” vs. “marijuana” vs. “cannabis.”

— How to correctly use culture- or industry-specific terminology.

— The difference between prescription and recommendation.

— Help navigating the slang terminology used to sell hash products.

— And much more … 

Oaksterdam Content Review Service

Need fact-checking or experts to review your content before you publish?

The release of the Oaksterdam University Cannabis Style Guide coincides with the launch of Oaksterdam’s Cannabis Content Review Service. Oaksterdam University is happy to offer expert practitioners to proofread your content for accuracy and provide quotes from authoritative experts and specialists from every facet of the cannabis industry. Please contact [email protected] for assistance. 

Click here to order the complete Oaksterdam University Cannabis Style Guide. 

Cannabis Terminology Style Guide

This post was originally published by our media partner here.

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