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OCS shortens payment processing timelines for Flow-Through products

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Toronto – To further enable a vibrant cannabis marketplace, the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) announced today that it will reduce its payment processing timelines for Flow-Through products.

The OCS’s standard payment term for Licensed Producers is up to 60 days. Effective immediately, the OCS is adjusting its internal service standards in an effort to pay Licensed Producers for Flow-Through products more expediently, at approximately 15 days, where possible.

With quicker access to cash, this change is expected to better support Licensed Producers in their operations and result in more consistency in Flow-Through supply for Ontario’s Authorized Cannabis Store network. This move builds on earlier changes made by the OCS to improve its internal service standards for suppliers to 40 days for Stocked products and 30 days for Flow-Through products, where possible.

The OCS remains committed to providing best-in-class wholesale capabilities and working with Licensed Producers and retailers to provide a seamless experience rooted in selection, service, and quality-for-price.


About Flow-Through
Flow-Through is an OCS distribution model that offers retailers an expanded catalogue of wholesale-exclusive items that are not stocked in the OCS Distribution Centre. Flow-Through orders ship from the Licensed Producer and “flow through” the OCS Distribution Centre to the retailer. This channel enables Ontario’s authorized cannabis stores to stock unique and seasonal innovations based on real demand and provides Licensed Producers with the ability to list more products with the OCS.

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