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PPB Analytical brings a decade of experience to the cannabis industry

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Located in Toronto, PPB Analytical is an accredited analytical testing lab focusing on cannabis, environmental, and microbiology testing services.

Delivering testing services since 2014, PPB Analytical began offering services for the cannabis industry in 2022, servicing clients with potency testing, terpene profiling, pesticide testing, residual solvents, mycotoxins, microbial scans, pathogens and viroids, sex/gender testing, and heavy metal testing.

Chris Sun, VP of operations at PPB, says the decision to move into the cannabis sector developed from a strong desire to contribute to the integrity of the newly regulated market. 

“We believe in the natural healthcare benefits of cannabis, and that everyone consuming a cannabis product should be able to do so safely,” says Sun.

“As consumers, we rely on all levels of a supply chain to deliver safe-to-consume products. From manufacturers abiding by good manufacturing practices to regulatory bodies that set guidelines defining what a safe-to-consume product can contain, to analytical service providers that verify products meet those safety guidelines. Consumers like us expect everyone involved in the supply chain to act with integrity.” 

PPB Analytical’s contribution to the cannabis industry draws from the technical expertise and scientific know-how of its parent company, Spectralab Scientific. Using highly sophisticated scientific equipment and experienced technicians who are experts at installing, refurbishing, repairing, maintaining equipment, and training people to use that equipment, PPB has leveraged these skills to become a testing service provider for cannabis producers, ensuring products can be tested rigorously, accurately, and with integrity. 

“We provide incomparable skill and expertise in analytical chemistry, focused on the aspects of scientific rigour and specialized services for the cannabis industry.”

Chris Sun, PPB Analytical

Sun explains that Spectralab Scientific had initially provided cannabis companies with their expertise in securing and installing analytical equipment, as well as providing training in using the equipment and developing testing methods to help producers get their internal labs up and running efficiently.

After helping numerous labs get established in Canada, the USA, and overseas, PPB Analytical was launched as an independent subsidiary to address the need to provide analytical testing services for highly sensitive, scientifically accurate, and reproducibly reliable results. 

In 2022, they received their Health Canada analytical testing licence and have been testing plants, flower, oils, concentrates, beverages, and edibles for an ever-growing number of customers. 

“We provide incomparable skill and expertise in analytical chemistry, focused on the aspects of scientific rigour and specialized services for the cannabis industry,” explains Sun. “The synergy of talent from PPB Analytical’s staff scientists, Spectralab Scientific’s prowess in analytical instrument caretaking, and PPB Analytical’s cannabis specialist (a former QAP at a licensed producer in BC) means our customers receive customer-centric service and reliable results. PPB Analytical employs staff that have walked in our customers’ shoes, so we understand what matters and deliver what is needed.”

As the industry begins to (slowly) move away from an obsession with THC, Julian Lebrun, Cannabis Specialist at PPB and former QAP, says accurate terpene analysis is becoming even more important, especially for craft growers looking to develop unique cultivars. 

“Terpenes have an immensely profound effect on the cannabis experience, and that same level of appreciation for terpenes is missing when compared to the heavy emphasis on total THC and CBD analysis. Consumers are always on the lookout for new and fresh strains, and for new and fresh experiences. From a chemical perspective, new strains will have unique terpene and cannabinoid profiles.”

Sun adds: “We have the sophisticated instrumentation and sensitive detection limits needed to profile the terpenes and cannabinoids in uniquely new strains. For Craft producers, the customer’s desire aligns perfectly with the grower’s passion, and we at PPB Analytical are perfectly poised to support new breakthroughs.”

PPB Analytical operates a 25,000-square-foot modern laboratory facility that houses a full range of analytical instrumentation. It is conveniently located in Toronto, Ontario, a major shipping hub allowing reliable delivery of urgent or rush service samples. Its experts include a team of analytical chemists and microbiologists holding advanced degrees (Masters and Doctorates) in their respective fields, as well as an experienced grower and former QAP. 

“We prioritize client satisfaction every step of the way. At PPB Analytical, You are more than our customer; we are part of your team.”

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