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RISE Dispensaries debuts revitalized brand identity

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(Globe Newswire) Chicago and Vancouver — RISE Dispensaries, a rapidly growing cannabis retail chain owned by Green Thumb Industries Inc., today unveiled its refreshed retail brand identity. As the brand nears its seventh anniversary, RISE has debuted an inspired brand vision that embodies the Company’s desire to galvanize the cannabis community to join its movement to democratize cannabis access.

The refreshed brand identity and store designs were completed in partnership with Turner Duckworth, a global design firm with offices in the U.S. and the U.K., and Brand Bureau, a creative agency composed of strategists and designers who invent and interpret brands.

“The cannabis industry is constantly evolving and our brand should adapt alongside it. As we approach the seventh anniversary of the launch of RISE, we are proud to unveil a new retail identity that is reflective of the commitment we have made to our community-based roots and socially inspired mission to improve the cannabis industry for the better. With the newly designed stores, we want patients and customers to feel empowered and supported throughout their RISE experience.” — Jen Denis, vice president of creative services, Green Thumb

Turner Duckworth’s contributions to RISE’s revitalized brand identity were inspired by the upward momentum of the cannabis industry rising into the dawn of a new day. The international design studio used RISE’s optimistic and empowering aesthetic to create a bird-centric brand mark that embodies the healing and transformative qualities of cannabis. The brand mark is accompanied by a bold, vibrant color palette inspired by the cannabis plant and its products, as well as a raw, textured aesthetic that is disruptive and irreverent. The plant inspired the RISE illustration style, which feels natural, bold, layered, textural, and produced by hand — a celebration of the plant.


“Good designs are creative, but great designs are inspired. We are proud to stand alongside a brand like RISE that works tirelessly to elevate the cannabis industry and the world around it. Their purpose-based work greatly inspired our vision for their reimagined brand identity, and we are excited to share it with the world.” — Gavin Hurrell, creative director, Turner Duckworth

Brand Bureau was the interior designer for the RISE prototype design. The design translates the visual identity from Turner Duckworth to the environment by creating signature moments within the customer journey, honouring each region through localized illustrations, and embracing flexibility in the application of design elements to drive this pioneering product market.

“Drawing from our hospitality-industry expertise, our goal was not just to simply translate the visual identity to the interiors but provide a new approach to the design and experience of cannabis retail by creating an approachable and memorable environment that guests would want to return to again and again. The outcome was achieved by activating the brand in large impact and nuanced touchpoints through the thoughtfully considered guest journey.” — Hilary Miners, head of environment design, Brand Bureau

Turner Duckworth is a world-class design firm known for its ability to craft unmistakable visual identities and packaging for trend-forward brands. Brand Bureau is a creative agency comprised of designers and strategists, born out of the award-winning design and concept firm, AvroKO. The branding firm employs a multidisciplinary approach to design that helps companies form meaningful connections with their clients.

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