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SHADOW GOVERNMENT: ‘The Great Architect’

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SHADOW GOVERNMENT: ‘The Great Architect’

”Who Are The Masters Behind The Curtain?”

 By Donald Jefferies

”Identifying who’s really in charge”

Most of those in the JFK assassination research community believe that a primary reason for the assassination was Kennedy’s reluctance to back a U.S. coup against Fidel Castro. Certainly, the number of anti-Castro Cuban figures around Lee Harvey Oswald, Davie Ferrie, and others at the ground level logically suggests that.

But as I have pointed out many times, to what is usually the total silence of my fellow researchers, if this was indeed a major motive for the assassination, then what changes resulted? LBJ never even mentioned Cuba during his presidency, and neither did anyone else in the political world. Cuba died as an American political issue along with JFK in Dealey Plaza. There was no second Bay of Pigs, this time with air cover. The CIA stopped trying to kill Castro. Neither Johnson nor Nixon ever even suggested trying to overthrow Castro. What about Reagan, great anti-commie that he was? Castro was still in power during the 1980s. What did Reagan do about that?

Decades of researching these subjects, starting with the JFK assassination, have taught me that motives are sometimes hard to discern in these matters. This is not because the motives are unclear, but because those seemingly investigating them create distractions. They send us in the wrong direction. This is what magicians do. Get you looking the other way. The entire Cuban connection to the JFK assassination, in my view, is one of these smokescreens. It bears repeating; if you assassinate Kennedy because he wanted rapprochement with Castro, then an invasion or coup in Cuba should logically come afterwards. It never did. So the conspirators failed, if that was their goal.

Vietnam was another issue, and there the policy did change. JFK’s newly implemented withdrawal process, as delineated in National Security Action Memorandum 263, called for all U.S. advisors (there were no actual troops under JFK) to be out by 1965. On November 21, 1963, National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy drafted NSAM 273, which totally contradicted NSAM 263, and paved the way for the disastrous escalation to follow. Kennedy never saw it, and would never have signed it. So if you want a conspirator with prior knowledge, look at Bundy. JFK would have fired him for even writing it. Israel was another real factor, as behind the scenes JFK was engaged in a war of words with them over their burgeoning nuclear program. With his assassination, that certainly changed, as LBJ was extremely pro-Israel.

For a long time, these distractions; the Cuban exiles, along with the Mafia, with perhaps a few “rogue” elements of the CIA, have been the most popular conspirators within the JFK research community. We see the same kind of limited hangout option with the Republicucks who are pushing the “lab leak” theory to explain COVID. In other words, China, China, China! As my new book Masking the Truth demonstrates, no “bioweapon” was leaked by the dastardly Chinese in Wuhan, because there was no deadly virus. It was the flu and pneumonia. The bioweapon was the warp speed vaccine that the elite created to combat a phantom enemy. Stop looking at Wuhan, and pay attention to the empty hospitals and dancing nurses. This was a worldwide production. A Plandemic.

We saw the same thing with 9/11. Donald Trump and others tried to emphasize the 28 pages connected to “terrorism” that were withheld from a joint Senate-House Committee. Which, of course, supported the primary lie, that “terrorist” bogeymen, armed with boxcutters and plastic knives, had attacked us. Because they “hated our freedom.” Like our own leaders, I guess, who are trying to eliminate what’s left of our freedom. Limited hangout. So what if Saudi Arabia gets blamed? Or the Mafia? Or anti-Castro Cubans and “rogue” CIA agents? That doesn’t impact our corrupt leaders one bit. Most of the hobgoblins are foreign. But some are domestic, and serve the same purpose.

Speaking of terrorists, what happened to them anyway? Where is Al Qaeda now? Isis? The Taliban? Isn’t that why we gave up our rights under the Patriot Act? Created the unconstitutional monstrosity Homeland Security? We were told this was an endless war. It appears that COVID-19, while never being isolated or proven to exist, managed to expunge terrorism from the world. The only “terrorists” now are the domestic variety. The kind that point out their corruption. You’re probably considered a “domestic terrorist” for reading my rantings. Well, if COVID could make the flu disappear, as it did in 2020, it can eliminate “terrorism” just as easily. It’s a psyop thing, you wouldn’t understand.

Look at the response to the new film The Sound of Freedom. The entire mainstream media is up in arms about it. This kind of unilateral objection to a piece of entertainment happened only once before, when Oliver Stone’s JFK was released in 1991. The hobgoblin here is QAnon. You know, the obvious American intelligence psyop designed to explain Donald Trump’s complete lethargy as president, and now to further demonize “conspiracy theorists.” To our state controlled media, QAnon is responsible for this unwanted new movie. Despite the fact it was apparently written before the emergence of Q, that doesn’t deter those who will not, under any circumstances, permit exposure of corruption to go unchecked.

I myself, in my 2014 book Hidden History, included a long section on child sex scandals, including the Franklin Credit scandal and McMartin Preschool scandal. This was obviously pre-Q. I don’t think I was inspired by a psyop that hadn’t even been implemented yet. Was “Pizzagate” the fault of QAnon as well? “Pizzagate” grew out of the emails from Democratic Party honcho John Podesta, which were leaked by exiled Thought Criminal Julian Assange in March 2016. Before the election of Trump. Before QAnon. And no, it hasn’t been proven that Comet Ping Pong didn’t have a basement. And those pictures on that Instagram account were very, very disturbing. But talking about it is a “conspiracy theory.” A QAnon conspiracy theory.

Sandy Hook was well before QAnon. Doesn’t matter. It gets dragged in there, too. If you disagree, we may prosecute you multiple times for your illegal opinion, as they’ve done symbolically to Alex Jones. Election Fraud? Again, that’s all Q. I had a section on that in my 2014 book, too. Before Trump was even a politician. Before the 2020 election. If we didn’t throw you in prison already, and deny you all due process, keep “denying” the sanctity of that election. The most secure in all recorded history. QAnon triggered all doubts about electoral integrity, and was the cause of January 6. Don’t be an election denier. Or a COVID denier. Or a science denier.

My point here is that, something very powerful behind the scenes is orchestrating all this. They produced the Trumpenstein Project. They made “COVID” into The Greatest Psyop in the History of the World. It isn’t the “Democrats.” Or Black Lives Matter. Or Antifa. They are all controlled by this same unseen force that so clearly manipulates events and personalities to suit its own twisted interests. I quoted many famous political figures from the past and present in my Hidden History books. So many of them said the same thing; that the real rulers are behind the scenes. People like Woodrow Wilson. And FDR. Even Bill Clinton. JFK was the last one to think he was really in charge. The puppets know they’re not running things.

And they make sure no real opposition to them emerges. As Lenin said, the best way to defeat the enemy is to lead them. This they have done, by planting undercover assets in all extremist movements, since at least they infiltrated the likes of the KKK and the Black Panthers. They set up a Gloria Steinem to lead the feminist movement, and the CIA financed her Ms. magazine. The CIA also used Timothy Leary to push LSD, and declare, “Trust no one over 30.” To paraphrase the opening of the Outer Limits, they control the horizontal and the vertical. They invent fake opposition, just like Immanuel Goldstein in Orwell’s 1984.

So who is in charge? Who’s running this show? Probably the #1 suspect in this regard are “The Jews.” And there are valid reasons to examine this theory critically. After all, Jews represent a paltry two percent of the U.S. population. And yet they are at the top of every motion picture studio. Every television network. When newspapers and magazines wielded influence, they ran them, too. Record company executives? Publishing houses? Sports franchise owners? Producers, directors, agents, entertainers, screenwriters? Jews are disproportionately represented in these key areas of cultural influence to an almost unimaginable degree. Is it possible for such disproportionate dominance to happen naturally, or innocently?

Now, whenever someone famous hints at this, observe the response. Look at the artist formerly known as Kanye West. I think he lost millions after his brief foray into Jew obsession. He appears to have returned to normalcy. NBA star Kyrie Irving caught some negative scrutiny as well, but he also was an outspoken vaccine skeptic. The Blacks seem more likely to mention the Jews (see Louis Farrakhan), but woe unto any White who dares broach the subject. RFK, Jr. may be finding this out in the very near future, after alluding to Ashkenazi Jews being less ethnically impacted by COVID than mere mortals. The unchosen. Look, if you claim you’re the “Chosen” people of God, you have to expect some blowback. What does that make the rest of us?

If you want to discourage “hate” speech accusing you of having undue power, then you might want to examine the heavy-handed reaction to such claims. However you slice it, those who make “anti-Semitic” remarks certainly seem to be punished in the manner you’d expect, if they were criticizing a group that runs the world. The old expression that “if you want to know who’s in charge, look at who you can’t criticize,” seems appropriate here. It certainly isn’t “White Supremacists” or “racists.” I don’t think I need to even address them; they have absolutely zero free speech.

But as I’ve pointed out, the definition of a Jew nowadays is in flux. There has been a great deal of intermarriage with the Goyim (that’s what the Talmud supposedly calls us non-Jews, and it allegedly translates into “Cattle”). Most of my relatives are part Jewish, as I’ve explained many times. However you look at it, all that concentrated power, which has never been addressed let alone explained, must be juxtaposed against the reality that 99.9% of all Jews, half-Jews, and quarter-Jews, are not privy to any world domination secrets. They aren’t in “The Club” either. It’s unfair to generalize like that. But we shouldn’t be “cancelled” for asking the question.

Another strong, favored candidate for the elusive Them are the Freemasons. Now, it seems like they have a lot less power than they used to have, but we still see all those public figures, flashing those unnatural hand gestures. Freemasons have a lot of secret signs. As JFK said, secrecy is repugnant in a free society. Freemasonry revolves around secrecy. The lowest level initiates into the order are sworn to an oath of secrecy, on the penalty of having their tongue torn out and thrown into the high tide. Even as a symbolic rite, that’s pretty gruesome. Look at all those old photographs, of Civil War figures and the like. Why did they all pose with one hand tucked inside their coat? Because that’s one of the countless signs of Freemasonry.

The conspiracy people claim that once you reach the highest degree- 33rd degree- you learn the true secret of masonry. That the “Great Architect” you worship is actually Lucifer. I have no way of knowing that for certain without joining them. I’m not planning to do that. Supposedly, all the astronauts involved in the Apollo fraud were big Freemasons. That “33” number pops up everywhere. I lived the first 19 years of my life in a house with the address of 3333. There were no masons in my family. I hope that doesn’t diminish my credibility. As the otherwise worthless Sigmund Freud said, sometimes a cigar is a cigar.

Those who finger the Vatican and/or the Jesuits, are basically citing the same material used to point at the Jews. Some of it is literally word for word, just a different villain. Just look at the depiction of Catholics in all popular media, and you have to wonder why they wouldn’t have demanded a more positive portrayal, if the Vatican was really in charge. “International bankers” and “globalists” are in many ways code words for Jews. Zionist control, or ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) comes closer, because it factors in the many non-Jews who obviously have great power.

If forced to choose, I’d say we are ruled by simple, garden variety Satanists. We are in a spiritual war. Can anyone doubt that the transgender lunacy, for instance, is inspired by anything less than the darkest force we can comprehend? The Devil? The occult, Satanic symbolism is even more prevalent than the Freemasonic imagery in America, and around the world. That many celebrities forming a circle around one eye, or displaying their fingers in some awkward manner, cannot be coincidence. So clearly they are flashing the likes of the “hook ‘em horns” sign, not because they all support Texas football, but because of loyalty to something else. The ultimate evil.

I could go with something like the Illuminati as well, which is not mythical- it was a very real group which both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington personally commented on. Whether they call themselves that or not, whether they call themselves anything at all, this is probably the reality. A group of ultimate elitists pulling the strings behind the curtain. As the Illuminati was originally conceived by former Jew turned Catholic priest Adam Weishaupt, most members would not know who the other members were. Kind of a super secretive, Amway type pyramid scheme. You only knew the one who recruited you, and anyone you recruit. It’s actually a pretty brilliant concept. Evil, but brilliant. You gotta give the Devil (pun) his due.

I quote former Secretary of Defense James Forrestal often, who said that, if there wasn’t a huge conspiracy, once in a while they’d make a mistake in our favor. There obviously is a huge conspiracy, being run by conspirators from central casting. It’s all they know- their only way of doing business. But those are the ones we see. The great sci-fi trilogy Illuminatus, which was highly influential on my own writing, postulated five individuals who actually run the world. Of course, the authors claimed that one of them was Mark Lane, my old mentor, , who they said was in charge of Chaos. So what did they know?

But someone or something is unquestionably in charge. Pulling the strings and making sure the puppets dance to their orders. If there was the least bit random factor involved, good leaders would do good things, at least once in a while. Let the record show that never happens, and really never has happened. We are always in crisis mode, with nonstop doses of fear porn to keep us preoccupied and subservient. And they thoughtfully provide enticing but false alternatives. We can only try to better ourselves, to be what we expect of others. And to have faith in God, be on the side of light, and rage against the darkness. Whoever is really in charge here, they serve the father of lies, whether or not they know it.

Author of the cult classic novel “The Unreals,” and the best-sellers “Hidden History,” “Survival of the Richest,” “Crimes and Cover-Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963” “Bullyocracy,” and “On Borrowed Fame.”

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