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The Age of Victimhood: A Paradigm On Its Way Out?

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The Age of Victimhood:

A Paradigm On Its Way Out?


In a sense, many of us have fallen into a trap of our own making; Victimhood.

Victim mentality is when we believe we have no control over things that happen to us. We are a passive character in our own life.

In this “woe is me” state, victims are co-dependent in relationships. In seeking validation from others, we censor our voices. In favor of expert opinions, we diminish the value of our opinions. We accept the rules from authorities that us them who we are, while forgetting that other people’s opinions are none of our business.

In today’s culture the victim is put on a pedestal.  Victims are the ones who get all the attention. The paradigm that exists today is that if you cry loudly enough, you get your way. Identify yourself as a victim and there are victim Support services and Victims’ rights groups. Is the Age of Victimhood coming to an end anytime soon?

Image by Jean Nomadino from Pixabay

If we create victims of ourselves it is because we are conditioned to believe that we don’t have minds of our own. We’ve been put in groups since the day we were born to follow Groupthink. From the educational system to the political system to the medical system, to entertainment and sports, even the public water system, humans are programmed to think alike.

The public water system adds fluoride to dumb down the masses. Fluoride, added as fluorosilicic acid, is a waste byproduct of the fertilizer industry. It is a known neurotoxin that calcifies the pineal gland. Known as the 3rd eye, the pineal gland connects us, through our etheric body, to our higher self. All systems together form the Matrix. However, most people do not understand how the Matrix operates.

The Holographic Matrix

We are told by theoretical physicists that we live in a hologram. The Holographic Theory is more than twenty years old. Under this theory, a two-dimensional surface is projected onto a three-dimensional world or “light map,” preserving all of its information.

Meanwhile, our universe has four-dimensions, with three dimensions of space and one of time, which we can perceive and access. One would think that if there are dimensions below ours, there are also dimensions above, each with a higher level of consciousness. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Why would scientists put humanity in a box built from electromagnetic frequencies that is a mere projection of a two-dimensional image?

Those who know how to manipulate the Matrix do not tell us that we are the energy that runs the Matrix, just by being us. No laws or instructions are necessary to create on Earth, only imagination. I-magi-nation. In a sense, magic is the tool. We are a world of magis. We manifest through through emotion and intention. As someone once said, Energy flows where attention goes.

Within a hologram there is a Duality Reality. Those who attempt control the flow of energy, the game masters, create groups of opposition to distract players from knowing who they really are:  blue vs. red, democrat vs. republican, essential/necessary vs. nonessential/unnecessary. While Americans believe they have free will, they follow the opinions of political pundits under an illusion of choice. The purpose? To harvest the energy of players.

In the grid of the Matrix, we are complacent, but prone to in fighting. Through our consent to the rules of the Matrix, we stay within the lines, because the authorities- the politicians, priests, professors, doctors, lawyers, presidents-  tell us they are here to protect us from ourselves. Note the word author in authority. By consent, or silent acquiescence, we put down our pens to allow others to write our stories and be responsible for us.

The victim stance is a powerful one. The victim is always morally right, neither responsible or accountable and forever entitled to sympathy. – DA Southern, author

In the holographic Game of Freedom, the game masters tell the players that they are granted more freedoms than other nations, and more rights than other people. The masters omit the fact that inherent rights can never be granted or denied by another.

Rights that are granted are really privileges that can be taken away – the opposite of freedom. However, as game authors, it is their self-imposed right to deceive. The granter of rights is not the game master but the Creator.

Monopoly Game – Rule 11: What if the bank runs out of money? Some players think the Bank is bankrupt if it runs out of money. The Bank never goes bankrupt. To continue playing, use slips of paper to keep track of each player’s banking transactions – until the Bank has enough paper money to operate again. The banker may also issue “new” money on slips of ordinary paper.

Is the Age of Victimhood Coming to an End?

A players, we must play the game better than the game masters, and go beyond the imposed restrictions that serve one group at the expense of everyone else. The game no longer functions if the rules are exposed as baseless. The edges of reality blur and distort if players step outside the lines and dare to question authority.

Most people do not understand how the Matrix operates using the building blocks of electromagnetic frequencies, or energy. Further, we do not realize that as energy beings, we hold the keys to bypass the Matrix programming. By understanding the potential of the human condition, only then do we become the Masters we are born to be.

imagep2722754 from Pixabay” width=”382″ height=”237″>

The Star Trek series reveals a clue of what it is to be human through the phenomenon of the Holodeck, a place of illusion where the crew of the Starship Enterprise can get away by programming a reality of choice.

Since humans are made up of electromagnetic frequencies, we are both biophysical and metaphysical. However, we tend to focus only on the physical when it comes to disease or identity. We fail to look at the bigger picture to see ourselves as energetic beings with a physical body. Made up of atoms, we are mostly energy. Energy can be manipulated.

We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. – The Borg, Star Trek, First Contact

To restrict and homogenize a culture creates a sedate race with a broken self-image that is more malleable and easier to control. When we no longer align with our divine feminine and divine masculine, we become disempowered. We fall out of love. Freedom is lost.

Once we understand our unseen nature, then we have tools to manipulate the Holodeck to bring ourselves out of victimhood.

With open eyes, we see a well-built trap that we have created through our consent. If America, the land of the free, home of the brave has degenerated into the land of the ignorant and home of the cowardly, what is the likely outcome for the rest of the world?

There is always the option of creating a new reality, as there are parallel realities simultaneously manifesting.While everyone is on his own path and timeline, consider these: 1) a path of responsibility, with opportunities at every turn, and 2) a path of no responsibility with limitations structured for safety.

Depending on one’s primary belief system, people will manifest one timeline over the other by their thoughts, beliefs, and actions. As long as we focus on the status quo, the Master-Victim dynamic persists. To be grouped together cancels individual identity.

Everyone is a victim at some point in their life, and there is no doubt that terrible things may have happened to you that were unfair. But seeing yourself as a victim is being focused on the past. Instead, look forward to who you can be today, master of your own destiny. – Alex Blackwell, author

How to Be the Masters

Image by StarGladeVintage from Pixabay

The answer lies within.  As beings of energy who create with Spirit, we can prevent further damage and a darker future. Creation does not happen through genetic modification. Technology is not advancement. Advancement is spiritual development.

Creation happens when we listen to the body, which heals itself using Nature’s tools. Healing the body heals the Earth because the human body is a template of the earth.  We are no more victims of our genes than we are victims of our government. The body frees itself from dis-ease, not by fighting the old, dying, obsolete cells, but by creating new cells while targeting the old cells for removal. The natural state of the body is the vibration of health when the body is in balance.

For humanity to live in balance, we must embody balance by merging our internal, dual aspects, shadow and light, feminine and masculine energies. As individual creators, we fuel ourselves from a light power within, connected to a universal power source, the Sun, that fuels all life on Earth.

The Neoplatonists claimed the Sun was more than a physical ball of hydrogen. As a Being onto itself, the Sun is also psychic and spiritual, just as Earth is, just as we are.  Humanity is an expression of a greater Source.

The Kingdom of  God is within you. Luke 17:21

Therefore, if we can write reality, we can also right reality. We only need to reclaim the rules of the game. In a dual reality, we can choose different labels to become our own Masters.

To shed victimhood is to embody freedom. First we must embody individual freedom, and then we can come together in harmony to express that freedom for humanity. The energy of self-empowerment ripples out to affect those around us, including Earth, until the reality of freedom takes shape.

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. – Viktor Frankl

We are not victims of any master when we know that our power comes from within. We are no longer victims when we accept that victimhood is transformed in the heart through self-love. Knowing we are conscious co-creators, we can come together and achieve a new reality simply by choosing to play the part we were born to play.

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