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The Biggest Lie Most People STILL Believe

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The Biggest Lie Most People STILL Believe

In order to free humanity from the invisible chains that have been put on every single human being on this planet, except for the rulers, of course, you will need to examine your own belief system. There is one big lie that most humans still believe and the belief in that lie is keeping them and others enslaved.

“The best slave is the one who thinks he is free.” ― Johann von Goethe

“If you want to improve society, there is a clear answer. Yet, that answer won’t be so clear if you partake in the problem and don’t realize it.” ― Cory Edmund Endrulat

It is only a matter of time before everyone realizes this lie and we start to see real change. If you are still reveling in your slavery, boring for your new master, and think that others have the right to rule you and steal from you while you may only obey, you’re still their perfect slave. The ruling class truly doesn’t care what side you are on (right or left, democrat or Republican) they only care that you pick a side. This makes the division among slaves easier and readily available for their control.

One of the best articulators of this lie is Cory Edmund Endrulat, who has a YouTube channel called “Cory – Nature is The Answer.”

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The belief in “authority” has been proven to be the most disastrous dogmatic belief human beings have held for millennia.  There have been psychological experiments proving that humans are willing to harm others and themselves if an “authority” figure tells them to. They willingly turn off their morality in exchange for servitude. 

The belief that some have the right to rule and others have only the obligation to obey is keeping the planet locked in a perpetual slave state. The chains are invisible, but nonetheless there. If we ever want to be free, the first step is shedding this belief and stop thinking others are better than us because they were (s)elected or wear a badge (enforce the whims of the ruling class.)

“Government has every law backed by violence,” says Endrulat. That means they make the commands, and you obey or get punished. That’s the definition of slavery. “So somebody who’s a cop or a politician, which they are getting their paycheck from stealing people’s money which is backed by violence,” he says.

The world has changed, and chattel slavery, the overt type of slavery that has pretty much been eliminated, has been replaced with mental slavery. The only way this works is for people to believe they are the rightful obedient ones, while the ruling class dictates their lives and decides how much of the fruits of their labor they get to actually keep. That is not freedom and once again, it is the literal definition of slavery.

Other people determining other people’s lives and what property they want to take is slavery. Belief in it only makes it worse. If we want to end slavery for good, we need to wake up and start calling a spade a spade.

This lie, the belief in authority, is not helping humanity at all and it’s actually holding us back from being the best we can be. And it’s enslaving those who believe it. Your chains can be removed by you. It’s time. Once you understand the lie, you will never go because you will understand the roots of slavery and freedom and will own yourself. Freedom requires your self-ownership and the responsibility of understanding the invisible chains we’ve placed on ourselves.

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This post was originally published on from Randy Rowe and can viewed here:

This post was originally published by our media partner here.

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