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The Hidden Philosophy of Truth….

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The Hidden Philosophy of Truth….

By Lindastrologer

“The Philosopher is not afraid of any facet of life. He makes the contradictory the complementary! That is why he does not need to run away from the world like the ascetic. Whatever running away he deems necessary is done secretly inside his heart and is not publicly advertised by donning the coloured robe of the monk. No amount of world-desertion will lead to wisdom in his view because he knows that he was put into the world to learn its lessons…………Nevertheless he is at one with the monk in wishing to be free from enslavement to desires and in seeking dominion over his own emotions.” (Dr Paul Brunton, “The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga”)

Greetings fellow travelers….

Things are getting wild out there. The media worldwide – mainstream, alternative mainstream and genuine alternative media, all seem to be exploding with projections forecasts and prophecies – none of them benign sounding. Calls for regional wars, warnings of an imminent slide into World War III, predictions of (another imminent) global financial collapse. Many are talking about preparing by stocking up food and life-saving devices to survive the ‘disruptions.’ However things play out it, seems inevitable 2024 will be a year of disruptions. Enter the dragon. This Dragon year, my Chinese astrologer friend tells me, marks the start of a new 20 year cycle of ‘culmination’. It is the beginning of an end.

The Oracle I look to today is Venus in Capricorn – the sign to which she recently ingressed. Love made practical. Love is starkly absent from the world’s current theaters of war and destruction. It feels as if the unity of our species is dismantling – such as it was. We want to believe people are waking up to the subterfuge of the controllers who are leading us down this path of annihilation – but are they? Am I being negative? Or realistic? That is a philosophical question. There doesn’t seem much of a practical aspect to philosophy as we know it – but hold on. The philosophy I am speaking of is not your old school version. It is rather, the hidden philosophy of truth. I will try to elucidate what this is below. My purpose in doing so is to offer a gift of love made practical. More particularly to give you pause to begin to think about how your mind, your thoughts might practically serve you in the great epoch of change we find ourselves within

Paul Brunton wrote in “The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga” published in 1941, the following:

“Many dying and most drowning men perceive their past as a swift-rushing vivid dream. So far as human life is a mental life it is a series of ideas – ie of the same stuff as dreams. Philosophy (the ‘hidden philosophy of truth’, as he defines this philosophy) seeks to make men realize that the entire texture of life is pure thought but it wants them to see it here and now, not when they are dying. For if they can awaken to truth when it is most needed, ie when they are in the midst of work and living, suffering and pleasure, health and sickness, they will know how best to deal with those alternating vicissitudes from which none can escape.”

And so, we glimpse the underlying purpose, the practical purpose, to learning the hidden philosophy: to enable us to deal with the vicissitudes, the ever-changing wheel of destiny that each of us must negotiate as we journey through this life and never more so than here and now in 2024. A subject of this magnitude, antiquity and significance is obviously no light matter, to be covered in an essay by the likes of a mere me. No, clearly. No unrealistic goals or promises here. I intend and would hope to be simply a catalyst here, inspiring you to begin to uncover the richness of the philosophy of truth for yourself. Firstly, a few words, from the great Paul Brunton (whose works I devoured in my young years). PB tells us the hidden philosophy of truth comes from the ancient lands of India where wise ones, whose names have been lost in the mists of a long-gone age, explored the realms of religion, mysticism and metaphysics. The conclusion they reached was that: “some ultimate essence exists as the true nature of things and men, that this essence, being ever and everywhere present, bestows the highest possible significance on the universe and consequently the first and highest human duty is to personally KNOW it!”

This philosophy, PB informs us, is scholarly agreed upon to be at least 5,000 years old, but he opines it is very much older. ‘Its origin disappears into historically untraceable epochs.’ The teachings were transmitted from generation to generation. They were kept secret – for a good reason. Quoting again, for his eloquence can not be matched: “Miscomprehension led to mutilation and thus converted a grandly universal into a shrunken tribal truth.” The wise ones knew this information needed to be guarded for precisely this reason. And in fact the Buddha himself said of it: “Superior men of wise understanding guard the doctrine, guard the mystery and do not reveal it. That knowledge is difficult to understand; the simple, if hearing it suddenly would be perplexed. I speak according to their reach and capacity.” And we know Jesus did the same thing; his parables clothed universal truths in language the common man could understand.

The ancient Indian teachings proposed three stages of evolution through which ‘the mind of man must pass.’ These three stages represented progressive attitudes towards life: “The first is religion and is based on faith; the second mysticism, is controlled by feeling and the third, philosophy (the hidden philosophy of truth, in full) – which is inclusive of science, is disciplined by reason. Nor can it be otherwise, for man’s understanding of the world must necessarily grow parallel to his mental capacity. His outlook is invariably and inevitably limited by the degree of his intelligence. Hence it is impossible for all men to answer life’s queries in the same way.”

Jeff Green, the astrologer who originated ‘evolutionary astrology’ informs us that according to the evolutionary nature of our consciousness the human species can be classified as comprising four grades, if you like. The first is the dimly evolved state which accounts for two to three percent of the human race. This grade consists of souls who have just evolved into the human consciousness state from other kingdoms (such as the animal state). Then comes the ‘herd state’, or consensus. This comprises 75 percent of the race and is ‘characterized by individuals whose identities are a mere extension of societal normal, beliefs, customs and taboos.’ This condition is the mainstream of society. Then comes the ‘individuated state’ – approximately 25 percent fall into this grade which is characterized by people who question the beliefs, customs, norms and taboos of society. ‘They desire to know and act upon their own natural laws, beliefs, values, needs, customs and taboos. And they desire to discover these things from within themselves.’ Green tells us these individuals value the right to self-discovery and freedom. And finally comes the ‘spiritual state’ – to which a mere two to three percent of the population belong. These individuals, says Green, attempt to understand their own life and others’ lives in a universal/holistic context. These people desire to understand the nature of all Creation in this context and commonly link themselves to spiritual ideas or teachings as the guiding principles in life.

That said, it is apparent the hidden philosophy of truth will appeal only to a small percentage percent of people. In our civilization, probably in all civilizations gone before ours, there is a majority who form the consensus (the herd), comprising religious followers (including fundamentalists) and those who would call themselves atheists. And others, we might call them materialists, who give no thought to matters beyond their physical lives. A much smaller group lies beyond this melange, comprising the individuated and the spiritual – the mystics and philosophers. This is the group that must grow – now. As we know things are critical. Everything depends on enough people waking up. The consensus or herd, are the people we know and love, who believe what their government and the mainstream media tells them, who obey the dictates of their leaders without question. It is to this group the ‘mass formation’ or mind control programs have been directed. Those in the Ascension, 5D, archangel, New Age camp tell us all is well, we are being assisted by benign spiritual beings who are helping us. Thank heavens. The solar flashes and other geo-cosmic events to come are credited with injecting waves of enhanced consciousness to help lift humanity out of the dangerous consensus state – which, as far as anyone who cares to think about can see, is the reason we are in this predicament. In other words the mind-numbing that has been manufactured by the death cult by way of its fear conditioning is what lead to mass compliance – lockdowns etc and the erosion of our freedoms that is taking us swiftly in the direction of totalitarianism.

It seems a long shot to imagine that the revelations of an ages old hidden philosophy might find its way to the minds of those who believe, for example, what they hear on lamestream media and live in a perpetual state of underlying fear therefore – let alone penetrate said minds. If you have found your way here, you are one of the raindrops ahead of the storm, one of the greatly needed. Let us proceed then with the teachings of the ancients and the hidden philosophy of truth………

First imperative of the path of the hidden philosophy is to ‘find out what forces are acting in the mind and affect its reasoning and its outlook.’ Know thyself. This work in itself can take a lifetime. Those who have begun to unravel the mine-field of their minds have a head start. Searching out our unconscious motivations, desires, emotional reactions and the complexes which underlie them requires a willingness to go into the dark recesses of the shadow. We need to become aware of the processes of the mind and it is this psychological understanding of what is going on beneath the surface which becomes the liberator. With full consciousness of what was previously lurking in the shadows we gain possession of our reasoning capacity; a certain emotional detachment from the ups and downs of life becomes second nature and it is then we taste the first morsel of the freedom that is the ultimate reward of the path of the hidden philosophy. The paradox of freedom is that it invariably comes entwined with discipline – the need for. The discipline required here is that of quietening the mind. Only in this way can we allow the space for awareness of how our mind operates, to emerge. Hence meditation has been the first port of call for all spiritual disciplines through the ages. The meditators were, and are, the mystics – mysticism recall was the second stage on the path after religion. Meditation must be the foundation. It is the foundation of a path that promises to lead us to a better life, a good life. The path requires nothing less of us than a transformation. We are being transformed from blind creatures, at the whim of passing moods and feeling states, of unpredictable surges of emotion, of groundless fears and anxieties, depressive states and self-sabotaging lifestyle habits – to self-aware individuals living in a state of peace. To commit to this discipline requires us to desire to know truth above all else. PB says the desire for truth really means the desire to get rid of ignorance. “The Goddess will not walk in like an apparition to visit him; he must go in restless search of her.”

We will continue to outline the steps on the path, when next we meet. For now, if a desire you sense within to journey on this path shows itself, make a decision to take 20 minutes out of your busy day to simply sit and be. Rather than think of meditation as something you do, think of it as nothing more than sitting and watching the way your mind works. The end a session might be a feeling of disappointment, irritation or impatient restlessness as you confront the seeming impossibility of quieting the cacophony of thoughts tumbling in and out of your mind. This will pass. Eventually, you will look forward to this time to sit and BE….instead of constantly doing. Remember, we are human beings, not human doings. Patience and perseverance. That is all.

For now…….

(to be continued…..)

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Lover of words, writer, astrologer, philosopher, yogini, mother of 4, grandmother of 7, I have been on the Quest since the 70s – to know Truth. Grateful – with full consciousness to be here in this pivotal transition to a new way of being.

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